Stacey Rozich: La Medusa (detail)

Work / Illustration

Stacey Rozich is back with reams of beautiful watercolour updates

We’ve heard nothing from Stacey Rozich since the middle of 2011 save for that mammoth collaboration with Sean Pecknold on Fleet Foxes’ exceptional The Shrine/An Argument. So where’s she been hiding all this time? In a forest populated by mystical beasts adorned with ornate head-dresses? Hanging loose with skateboarding alligators? Waltzing with a gun-toting ghost? No, none of these things; she’s been slaving away at a desk somewhere in Seattle making exuberant, vivid illustrations that feel like dream sequences in the finest Haruki Murakami narratives. In between all this drawing, she’s found just enough time to get a new website up and running ,where you can revel in the products of her skilful, practised hands.


Stacey Rozich: A Day at the Parade


Stacey Rozich: The Day Done Come


Stacey Rozich: The Last Temptation of Julius


Stacey Rozich: Fun Times For Your Birthday


Stacey Rozich: Earthly Delights


Stacey Rozich: La Medusa


Stacey Rozich: The Curious Mystery “We Creeling”


Stacey Rozich: Buffalo Walker