Stina Löfgren illustrates a first aid kit for those experiencing sorrow

3 November 2017
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Earlier this year a survey in Sweden showed that the time people most needed support at work was when they were experiencing sorrow, going through a divorce or the loss of a relative. To reassure individuals going through this experience, The Church of Sweden has provided 2,000 companies with a First Aid Kit for Sorrow, a pack of illustrated tips, drawn by Swedish illustrator Stina Löfgren, created in time for All Saints Day 2017.

“No person should be alone in their sorrow,” says the Swedish church known as Svenska Kyrkan. “Therefore, we have gathered thoughts and concrete tips that make it a little easier for us as fellow human beings to be there for someone who mourns. Care can not be cured, but by sharing it can done more bearable.”

Each of Stina’s illustrated tips have been formed from research, meeting and supporting those mourning. “All grief is unique and there are no absolute truths or instructions to apply, maybe that’s why so many feel insecure for meeting others’ grief,” explains Svenska Kyrkan.

Due to the sensitive nature of the content, the 11 tips created are relatively open, including advice to interpret for the situation at hand such as, “Break Silence”, “Everyday life support” and “Visit a place for remembrance”. Stina’s illustrations in turn are simplistically drawn, evoking suggestive care in the symbol of holding another’s hand or a friendly speech bubble, or holding an umbrella over someone in the rain to display the advice of “Give Room”.

You can read the full the tips provided in the First Aid Kit for Sorrow here.


Stina Löfgren: Have Patience


Stina Löfgren: Remember the Sorrow


Stina Löfgren: Show Attendance


Stina Löfgren: Break the Silence

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