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Street View: Photographs of Urban Life, displays 100 years of photography

Street View: Photographs of Urban Life at Graves Gallery, Sheffield, showcases a hundred years of familiar urban landscape photography. The exhibition is an opportunity to look back at suburban streets captured in Sheffield, around the UK and abroad.

Featuring photography from Sheffield’s own collection, the Victoria and Albert Museum as well as the Hyman collection, the exhibition presents the diverse landscape of residential streets. More than just the pavement that surrounds the houses, these streets were social spaces, a playground people grew up in. They provided areas for children to play within, an area for parents to natter on doorsteps, a space for everyone to protest against injustice in their hometowns, and as these photographs suggest, a source of artistic inspiration.

Curator of the exhibition, Catherine Troiano explains that Street View is an opportunity to witness “some of the real treasures of Sheffield’s photography collection, with work by both internationally recognised photographers and local artists. The works include scenes spanning the everyday to the extraordinary, from familiar depictions of work and leisure to images of national celebration and political activism”.

The diverse range of photographic works, many of which have not been shown for over 20 years, is free to enter and runs until 11 March 2017.


Langdon Clay: Untitled,New York, 1977


Paul Hill: Legs Over High Tor Matlock, 1975


Humphrey Spencer: Jarrow Hunger Marches, 1936


Jack Hulme: High Jump, Wakefield, 1940s


Peter Mitchell: Cadman Street Over the Canal, 1978