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Student of the Month is back in town and bigger than ever before!

Things have been quiet on the Student of the Month front lately, but that’s not because we’ve forgotten about you guys out there in full-time education, it’s because we’ve been trying our darndest to think of the best way to put your work out there and give you the recognition you deserve. We figured there had to be a way to shout about all the talented students of the world even louder and more frequently than we currently do. So we’ve had a bit of a rethink and changed things up; meaning there’s a brand new format, but still the best student work, worldwide, being showcased on our site.

Rather than showing just one student’s work each month, we’ll now be showing three so you get a better sense of the enormous range of talent pouring out of the world’s colleges and universities. There’s also prizes to be won. The guys at Laurence King Publishing are kindly supporting Student of the Month, offering one of their impressive titles to the winners. The books will be different every time, so look out for updates as the months go by.

The one thing that definitely hasn’t changed is the criteria for entry. We want to hear from all of you, not just the ones that study on art and design courses. Whether you’re enrolled on a foundation, BA, MA, or you’re writing your doctoral thesis on something we can barely understand we’d still love to see your work, just as long as you’re enrolled in full-time education and producing some kind of creative work.

So how do you submit? Here’s all the technical details you need…

What to submit

We only want you to submit ONE project, but this should be your finest work to date. So if it’s a project you made in your first year and you’re now in your second, that’s great, but please remember – you must still be in education to qualify. And students that don’t study art and design, don’t forget, we want to see stuff from you too, even if it is just bits and pieces you’re pursuing on the side!

Text and Links


– Your full name

– Full course title

– Place of study

– What year you’re currently in

Next, send through a paragraph (of no more then 150 words) about you, your project, and when the work was made (we’ll be back in touch for more information if you are selected.) And, of course, a web link: blog, flickr, tumblr, website – all good.


If you’re submitting a video/moving image piece, please include a link to YouTube or Vimeo.


– Maximum of five images, at a maximum of 705 pixels wide.
– Include them as attachments within an email and not as a zip or pdf.

Where to submit

In the subject line of your email, please include the title Student of the Month and send it to [email protected].


Student of the Month is kindly supported by Laurence King Publishing. You can sign up to the LKP Student List now to get 35% off all our student titles at