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Look out May, we’ve got students galore for you to feast upon!

Everyone hates emails don’t they? Trawling through giant inboxes full of rubbish from the nether regions of the internet, trying desperately to maintain an interest in what anyone has to say. Not us! We’ve just spent the morning sifting through over 120 submissions for May’s edition of Student Of The Month and we’re delighted to say that we’ve had a great time. In fact the only thing that’s getting us down is that we’ve had to whittle the selection down to only three. We wish we could’ve picked more.

But we don’t make the rules (actually, we do and they’re there to be obeyed) so here, as always, are three of the finest folks studying in the creative world today. Let’s go meet them shall we…


Moritz Schäfer: Gibson Guitars


Moritz Schäfer: Gibson Guitars


Moritz Schäfer: Gibson Guitars

Moritz Schäfer – Gibson Guitars

Bit of a curveball to kick things off this month. Moritz Schäfer isn’t here because of his cracking design skills or illustrative prowess, he’s an up-and-coming copywriter from Miami Ad School in Berlin and we’ve picked him because of his wordmongering flair. Moritz’s proposed for Gibson Guitars sees him juxtaposing classic shots of noodling axe mongers with slick pieces of copy that deftly set Gibson apart from the competition. Nice.


Janne Henrik Matias Kokkonen: Personal Illustrations


Janne Henrik Matias Kokkonen: Personal Illustrations


Janne Henrik Matias Kokkonen: Personal Illustrations

Janne Henrik Matias Kokkonen – Personal Illustrations

Janne Henrik Matias Kokkonen on the other hand, is here for purely aesthetic reasons. We love his bold, punchy, abstract illustrations that reference the colour palettes of the 1990s but make them much more exciting than they were first time around. Janne is currently in his second year studying visual arts at the Laland University of Applied Sciences and is equally comfortable making work with coloured pencils as he is creating ultra-slick digital designs. Surely there’s a fashion label out there that needs this man making fabrics for them?


Darius Oh Dahao: Fish Farm Branding


Darius Oh Dahao: Fish Farm Branding


Darius Oh Dahao: Fish Farm Branding

Darius Oh Dahao – Fish Farm Branding

Darius Ou Dahao’s work really stood out from the other submissions this month, not for its excellent execution (through the execution is excellent) but for his unusual choice of company to rebrand. Darius, a third year student at Singapore Polytechnic has taken on the Qian Hu Fish Farm, a worldwide supplier of ornamental fish, and given them a retro-styled identity that’s only too appropriate for the old-world pastime of fishkeeping. We’d be delighted to wear that fishy blue emblem on our cream polo shirts all day!


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