Studio Audience: Series Five, Episode 23

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Fantastic episode of our podcast in which we chat Glastonbury and Graduates!

Hi podlings! You’re in for a treat this week. Rob’s away so Liv’s in charge and she, Maisie and James are here to chew the fat on all today’s cultural topics. There’s a shitload going on in the world of art and design at the moment, and there’s Glastonbury and the World Cup too, so it’s best you keep up with the latest facts to impress your mates with. Up for it? We are, get stuck in using the SoundCloud embed below or subscribe via iTunes here.


The It’s Nice That redeisgn

First up we got stuck into chatting about our brand new redesign! Yes It’s Nice That has had a summer makeover and we discuss why we’ve changed things up and what we hope it will bring to the audience. We then chatted about Glastonbury festival because we felt like it wasn’t getting quite enough coverage already. It may be worth saying that out of the three of us, only James had actually been to the festival, just in case you thought you were going to get some real insight. If you want real insight, check out this incredible article in which a guy describes how he is the only person recorded to have successfully braved the Glastonbury fence.


National Portrait Prize: Man with a Plaid Blanket by Thomas Ganter

After the break we chatted about the recent discussions about BP’s continuous sponsorship of the National Portrait Award, and then moved on to discuss this year’s very exciting It’s Nice That Graduates! We chatted about what we look for, why we do it, and what’s in it for the students who enter. Thanks for listening, as ever, and catch you next week. Bye!