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This week we chat the Airbnb logo, flowers in space and the It’s Nice That Graduates

Greetings podlings! Great pod this week, lots of swearing and use of the word “aping.” There’s also obligatory shaming James as an ex-goth and arguing about whether sending flowers into space is an act of genius or clever PR stunt. Anyway, off you go, get involved. You can listen via the SoundCloud below or subscribe via iTunes over here..


The new Airbnb logo

First up we discussed David Lynch’s recent foray into a women’s sportswear range, and pondered which director we’d like to do a clothing label next. We then got on to talking about the new and rather controversial Airbnb logo, the changes in the Creative Review annual and the artist who’s been spending the last few weeks flinging Bonsai trees and bouquets of flowers into space.& Also, as its our big old Graduates bonanza this evening we discussed our personal favourites of this year’s crop. See you next week!


A Japanese Artist Launches Plants Into Space


Full Spectrum