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Studio Audience: The pod talks Blake, Bailey, Superbowl and Spotify prankster

This week our usually faultless pod guest selection technique threw us a bit of a curveball which ended up with no fewer than five voices vying for attention. If anything this added a certain frisson of competitiveness to proceedings; like a comedy panel show without the vindictiveness. Anyway we covered a lot of ground, laughed quite a lot and (hopefully) made a few reasonable points. You can listen via the SoundCloud embed below or subscribe via iTunes right here. You can also – should the fancy take you – add a comment using the thread at the bottom of this article.


Matt Farley, the Spotify prankster

We kicked off this week talking about musician Matt Farley’s insanely successful playing of the Spotify algorithms before Liv Siddall reported back from Quentin Blake’s talk in London on Tuesday. Then Maisie Skidmore talked us through the new David Bailey retrospective, we discussed this year’s Superbowl adverts and welcomed Facebook’s latest foray into the app world.

You can listen to Liv’s Boy’s Names and Girl’s Names playlists here and here.


Quentin Blake: Elderly care home artwork