Studio Audience Series Four, Episode Five

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Studio Audience: Railroad festivals, publishing for girls and the LDF

This week’s pod plays fast and loose with our traditional formula in that it has a new (temporary) host. Rob Alderson is no more and in his place is a more youthful, cultured, man of the people. The king is dead, long live the king! (Don’t worry, he might be back next week).

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Section One


Levi’s Station to Station

First up this week we looked at Garth Humbert’s scathing editorial that accused the design community of being the new Fox News and wondered whether we are just a bunch of reactionary grumps, spent time on the open rails with Doug Aitken and Levi’s new art project Station to Station, debated the future of Bustle, a large-scale online editorial platform aimed only at women, and revelled in the heady 1960s photography of Jerry De Wilde.


Photos courtesy of Jerry de Wilde



Section Two

Section two was all about the London Design Festival and we had a very special LDF correspondent to help guide us through the offerings of this year’s festival discussing the highs, the lows and the could do better next years.


Endless Stair at the London Design Festival