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Studio Audience: Pod’s here with music videos, selfies and Olympics graphics

Two, four, six, eight who or what do we appreciate? Studio Audience! Three, five, seven, nine, the podcast’s yours it isn’t mine so let’s go, with the flow, hands high and booties low! Give me an S! Give me a T! Give me a U! Oh you get the idea. You can listen to the new episode using the Sound Cloud link below or you can subscribe visa iTunes here.

Section One


The new look i-D site

First up this week we talked about Spencer Murphy’s victory in the Taylor Wessing portrait photography prize, the new look i-D website and what new owners Vice had to say about it. We also paid tribute to Deborah Sussman’s 1984 LA Olympics design and celebrated Hull, the UK city’s of culture for 2017.


Spencer murphy: Katie Wlash


Deborah Sussman: Los Angeles Olympics kit of parts

Section Two


Spaceman selfie (From NASA)

We started Section Two by reflecting on the rise and rise of the selfie, named this week as the word of 2013 following a 17,000% increase in usage.

Rounding off the pod we picked apart three new music videos, from Lilly Allen’s controversial new number to Kanye West and Nick Knight’s knowingly cheesy satire, and finally this amazing new Bob Dylan piece.