Studio Audience – Series Three, Episode Eleven

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Studio Audience Series Three, Episode Eleven with Milan, Pick Me Up and massive books

It’s that time of the week again, you’re ready to wind down to your two day break but what are you going to do with your weekend? Well, it’s scientifically proven that you’ll need need at least 22 minutes of art and design related discussion to help you truly relax. If you’re unable to get the right dose there’s a dangerous risk of hair loss, hernias and raised blood pressure. So crank up the volume (not too loud now) and let us soothe your tired ears with our made-for-radio voices informing you about all this week’s most exciting creative news.

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Section One


Child With A Dove has flown the nest

In the first section this week we discussed the arrival of Pick Me Up at London’s Somerset house, mourned the loss of Picasso’s Child With a Dove from Britain’s art collection and played around with Moniker’s new interactive video for Dutch band Light Light. We also had a look at Sebastiao Slagado’s new book for Taschen, Genesis, and wondered whether Coachella has more appeal than Glastonbury.


Pick Me Up 2013



Section Two


First up in the second section we discussed the Salone Internazionale del Mobile and some of the great work on display, and hoped to learn some lessons from the Milanese design crowd.

We also discussed GOV.UK’s success at this year’s Designs Of The Year. Well done Ben Terrett!


THIS is Bar Basso