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Studio Audience – Series Three, Episode Eight a magazine special plus condoms and cafes

Question: How do you make Good Friday into Great Friday? Answer: By treating your ears, brain and funny bone to the new episode of the It’s Nice That podcast Studio Audience of course. In terms providing you, our lovely, loyal listeners with art and design chat from the very top drawer (ahem) then we were all like Bank Holiday? Schmank Holiday. So make the most of all this leisure time this weekend,download, ice back and dare to dream – it’s a four-person magazine special!

Download this week’s episode via iTunes here or stream live off the web here.

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The Attendant

This week we kicked off talking about The Bill and Melissa Gates Foundation’s challenge for someone to redesign the condom as an enhancer of sexual pleasure, we reflected on another blink-and-you’ll-miss-it sell-out for the new Punchdrunk show and asked whether sound art was the perfect fit for a Radio 4 audience. We also analysed Spotify’s first ever television advert (below) and discussed the rights and wrongs of a men’s toilet in London transformed into a swanky cafe.


The new Punchdrunk show sold out in hours

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Printed Pages Spring 2012


Printed Pages Spring 2012


Printed Pages Spring 2012


Printed Pages Spring 2012


Printed Pages Spring 2012

To mark the publication our new magazine Printed Pages, we gathered the whole editorial team to discuss why we’ve relaunched our print offering, which stories meant the most to us and which other magazines served as inspirations on our journey (yes it WAS a journey)…