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Studio Audience – Series Three, Episode One with books, Becks and Etch-a-Sketch

Word up pod fans, it’s been too long! Since the last time we heard from you we lost some friends, well, hell me and Snoop are dipping again…no, wait, that was Dr Dre not us. Since the last time Studio Audience checked in we’ve had Christmas, New year and the whole of January and maybe you thought we’d disappeared. Well like a popular soap opera character we are back from the abyss with Series Three. We’ve shaken things up a bit but still aim to deliver you 22 minutes of art and design news, views and nonsense every ruddy week. So kick back, pour yourself a gin n juice and enjoy…

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Section One

In the first section we looked at five talking points from the creative world, starting with the homoerotic Guy Ritchie/David Beckham love-in for H&M (above); discussed our new Ideal Studio project with Represent Recruitment where we look at what factors contribute to a top creative environment; we paid tribute to Andre Cassagnes the man who invented Etch-a-Sketch and revealed why his plans to become a baker were thwarted; we loved The Guardian’s interactive View from the Top of the Shard and we basked in our own glory over the #designfilms hashtag, in light of the new Steve Jobs biopic (below).

Section Two

In the second section we started off with Superbowl adverts, rating a few, slating a few and discussing THAT halftime show.


The controversial new cover for The Bell Jar

And we looked at the furore (great word that) over Faber’s 50th anniversary cover for Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar which critics have slammed as belt tiling the novel to the status of chick-lit, but others have defended as an understandable new direction from the publishers.