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Studio Audience – Series Two, Episode Four with photography, bikes and Bond

Oof Friday you fiery, flirty crossroads of the week, will we ever get truly used to you? Probably not, but we’re here to help with the new episode of our Studio Audience podcast so why not tune in to hear us talk about all things art and design, and look out in particular for the world’s clunkiest James Bond pun and Liv’s feeble attempt to pose as a football fan. Enjoy!

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Section One

This week our look back on the site took us to Tim Walker’s fantastical photography injecting some surreal silliness into the po-faced world of high fashion, we also looked at Push Projects’ gorgeous book the obsessive-world of hand-made bike builders and we talked about Steve Welsh’s efforts to create interesting engaging art about the noble/despicable (delete as appropriate) world of football.

Section Two

We talked about the row over product placement in the new James Bond film which has been robustly defended by director by director Sam Mendes and we revelled in the great news that the Wellcome Collection is to expand as visitor numbers soared past projected targets.

The best things we saw this week

Here’s that super weird bottle video we discussed…