Tae Parvit: a fresh face with fresh illustrations

9 August 2016

Illustrator Tae Parvit’s work speaks volumes of his style and personality. Born and raised in Bangkok and “just dipping my toes into the art realm,” Tae originally studied graphic design in Melbourne. However, it was once Tae discovered the street art scene in Australia that he integrated illustration into his practice, alongside making T-shirts and pins to sell whilst he studied.

Tae’s work is limitless due to his enjoyment of using multiple disciplines. “I’m very interested in making screen prints but adding little techniques, such as paint or collage. I like to create work that is rough and messy looking, using playful naive drawing but concentrating on the colours. Sometimes when I get bored of drawing a character or still life I’ll switch to an abstract style, then get back to drawing in order to help refresh my ideas.” A varied approach is one Tae has adopted from his influences, a great gang of Willem De Kooning, Basquiat, Cy Twombly, Keith Haring, and the new generation of artists like Andy Rementer and Piet Parra.

Since moving back to Bangkok Tae has begun an artist residency at screen-printing studio The Archivist, as well as working as a freelance designer. So far the work he creates is often based on how he feels that day, “emotions, people, music and objects that surround me. Mostly it’s emotion though, how I feel at that moment, it’s almost like I draw instead of writing a diary,” and these sneak peeks into Tae’s diary are captivating.


Tae Parvit: Forget This World


Tae Parvit: Sink


Tae Parvit: Normal Day


Tae Parvit: For You


Tae Parvit: Where Did Things Go Wrong


Tae Parvit: Room


Tae Parvit: You Are My Flower

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