Tavis Coburn: Marussia Virgin F1 Racing

Work / Animation

Muscle cars, superheroes and butch sportsmen kicking ass in Tavis Coburn’s portfolio

If you like Russian Constructivism, 1940s all-American advertising and vintage comic books and have a sideline interest in muscle cars, superheroes and team sports then allow me to present your new favourite illustrator, Tavis Coburn. Tavis graduated from the legendary Art Centre Pasadena many years ago and immediately launched himself into a fiercely prolific illustration career, working for all of the major players in editorial, music and sportswear. He doesn’t just do still images either, regularly producing slick motion graphics for similarly big-name clients. Most recently Londoners, and probably a large number of tourists, will have seen his handiwork draped across the front page of Metro depicting the mighty Chris Hoy as a masked crusader for Adidas’ record-breaking ad campaign. Powerful stuff!


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