Alessandro Penso: Youth Denied

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Check out this year’s ace shortlist for the Terry O’ Neill photography prize

The shortlist for the Terry O’ Neill Award – one of the most prestigious prizes in photography – was announced yesterday and once again the competition has thrown up some extraordinary imagery. The breadth on display is really impressive, from portraits of nativity play stars to terrifying African soldiers and landscapes both rural and urban, vibrant and silent. It was great to see one of Andy Rudak’s cardboard scenes make the cut (whose work wowed us back in October) but it’s hard to have a favourite among such a high-quality selection.

Terry O’ Neill who chairs the judges said: “Yet again the bar has been raised and testifies to the thriving and widening pool of talent. It is exhilarating to sift through thousands of entries and see the world through their eyes – and to be surprised, because there are images out there that add new dimensions to the narrative of life and refresh our jaded palates.”

The winning entries for the The Terry O’Neill TAG Award 2012 go on display at The Strand Gallery from January 17 until 31.


Jon Tonks: Untitled


Mimi Mollica: Untitled


Marc Wilson: The Last Stand


Andy Rudak: Mumbai


Alinka Echeverria: Untitled


Wendy Sacks: Untitled


Piers Calvert: Untitled


Massimo Barberioz: Untitled