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Released this week (finally!) is autonomous creative homage Indie Game: The Movie

Released this week for your eyeballing pleasure is a uniquely approachable film (justifiably fêted about the festivals this year) about the specific yet impossibly creative world of game making. Indie Game: The Movie, independent by name, independent by nature is a documentary that follows the makers of Fez, Braid and Super Meat Boy – the autonomous (and frequently solitary) souls who spend an extreme amount of life on improving our gaming landscapes. We see them freak-out over finances, girls, girls and finances and the perpetual self-deprecation universal to all creatives and artists who have the balls to make something for the world they live in, even if they don’t get to enjoy it.

A film of this kind could not possibly have been made at any other time, mostly because this kind of subject matter just didn’t exist before, its success as a largely crowd-funded project and the avalanche like weight of support online it has received since its release. Enjoy the trailer, support the cause, etc.