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The It’s Nice That Podcast: What is colour?

In this month’s episode of The It’s Nice That Podcast, Alex Bec and Will Hudson discuss colour, a creative element that is culturally unavoidable. May’s podcast discusses the human and scientific approach to analysing colour, from the clothes we wear to how we decorate our houses, the products we buy and its use in art.

The pair begin by speaking to colour psychologist Angela Wright. Angela provides fascinating insights into our relationship with colour, describing the affects of the four psychological primary colours: red, blue, yellow and green. She explains how we are each “born with an instinctive use for colour,” and therefore certain colour schemes in your bedroom can help you sleep better, and even describes the ultimate colour scheme to help your football team succeed.

Following Angela the pair hear from Stuart Semple, an artist recognised for creating the pinkest pink, but also his colour-fuelled conflict with artist Anish Kapoor. Stuart puts forward his argument that “colour is a gift that humans have been given from nature,” and therefore describes how Anish’s ownership of the blackest black has upset the artistic community.

Finally, Alex and Will speak to Laurie Pressman, the vice president of the Pantone Colour Institute. Laurie speaks about her role at Pantone and its “innate love for colour,” but also how really understanding the use of colour can elevate your brand or product. For instance, Tiffany’s association with the colour blue is a trademark colour, and proof that “if it is done well, it looks effortless”.

You can listen to the podcast here.