Image from The Arsenal: 125 exhibition that finished this week at The Saatchi Gallery

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The Weekender

Honestly summer, just forget it. As London toils under miserable grey skies and we scurry to work in the rain, we forgot you ever existed. Then come late afternoon there you are, casting coquettish rays which make us want you all over again. See you around, or not. Whatever. Vive le weekend!

Best of the blog

Crowdsourcing, i.e. harnessing the wisdom of the multitude is an idea that often sounds much better in theory than it works out in practice, but Alasdair Monk’s Let’s Meet and Work is an exception that proves the rule, a handy guide to where has the best coffee/wifi/sofas etc in London and NYC. Talking of NYC, Improv Everywhere have pulled off some audacious stunts in recent years, but Say Something Nice is simple, and jolly uplifting. But we can do serious stuff too, and Anton Kannemeyer’s satirical South African cartoons are mighty impressive.

Best of the rest

Dazed had a really thought-provoking interview with their visual arts editor Francesca Gavin about the changing face of the arts world, The Graphic Journey blog had an oddly intriguing look back at the evolution of The Radio Times and Alastair Sooke wrote a great piece in The Telegraph about the most talked-about painting in the world.

Tweet of the week

Stare into your dog’s eyes and tell him he belongs in a god damn dog museum he is such a good dog.
@bransonbranson has sound advice for dog lovers.

Beard of the week

Eric Yanker is brilliant. This video is brilliant. His beard is brilliant. Three out of three is even better Meatloaf…

Realisation of the week

You know your parents, those fascinating, frustrating, bizarre people who seem to come from another planet sometimes. Turns out they were once young and hip too you know…

“I always wondered that” of the week

Though we usually steer clear of politics I don’t think saying we enjoyed the jubilant scenes from Libya this week is that controversial. But watching all those chaps firing guns in the air to celebrate did make us think..what’s that? The BBC already thought of it? Top work Beeb-erinos.

Lucky escape of the week

According to this the makers of uber-popular mega smash Toy Story once considered calling it Toyz in the Hood

Downtime of the week

So less than a year to go before The Olympics and you imagine the athletes are focussed, humourless automatons, concerned only with bringing home the gold. Unless of course they have to kill time in an airport, like these guys.

Get with the wicked champs!