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The Weekender

Twitter has been beside itself with the fact that today saw 11:11 11/11/2011 proving that man can explore the outer reaches of space and scour the depths of the oceans, but as a race humanity is mainly impressed by calendrical coincidence. Take that scientists (love you really). Now on this monumental day of all the ones, who fancies a little bit of The Weekender…

Best of the blog

This week our heads have been spinning with the sheer amount of quality work that’s come our way. Actually our heads were literally spinning thanks to James Bridle’s Rorschmap, where Google Maps goes all kaleidoscopey, and we imagine that anyone who receives post from Ritta Ikonen must be left fairly bamboozled by her weird and wonderful postal project. But we were not befuddled by Isabel Greenberg winning The Observer’s graphic short story competition cos she’s aces – so naturally we spoke to her too.

Best of the rest

There was a queue of art critics lining up to eulogise over the Leonardo show which opened at The National Gallery this week, but hats off to The Guardian for doing something clever, interactive and genuinely insightful. We also enjoyed Creative Review’s post on the new brand for the USA and I admit the Hollywood Movie Car Design Challenge featured on Design Boom made me dribble a bit.

Tweet of the week

“It’s a little-known fact that Nietzsche had a friend called Nurtzsche, who he always argued with.”
Took us a while @Gary_Gillatt but very droll sir, very droll indeed.

Creepy Tumblr of the week

With the strapline “Where men meets moustaches meets hair,” Moustair fulfills the key criteria of any great Tumblr – fascinating but utterly pointless. Happy Movember everyone!

Tough day at the office of the week

You know those days where you’ve got a conference call, three meetings AND two reports to finish. Well get over it – these guys had to airlift rhinos to help save them…

(Found via Shortlist)

Unexpected transformation of the week

So the cute little kid from Jerry Maguire got STACKED

Illustrated insight into dogs’ minds of the week

I’ve never trusted dogs, what with their wagging tails and unconditional love. But this blog lets us see just what man’s supposed best friend really thinks…

Heartwarming balloon use of the week

US artist Yazmany Arboleda gave out 10,000 yellow balloons to cheer up Kenyan commuters this week. It made us smile.

Counting down the days until 22:22 on 22/2/2022…psyche!