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The Weekender

Statistically, if I talk about Justin Bieber here people are more likely to read the rest of this article. You won’t be disappointed, his glowing face and impossible hair do make an appearance, along with the apocalypse and polystyrene balls. It’s The Weekender and it smells like Friday.

Best of the blog

Creatives have the best jobs. Klaus Pichler was behind the scenes of Vienna’s Natural History Museum making highly stylised set-ups of undisplayed exhibits, BERG just went and devised the most want-able device known to man while photographer Franck Allais left just enough to our collective imagination to make walking through the city that much more funner.

Best of the rest

The New Yorker ran an insightful backstory of the Occupy movement leading to Ad Busters editor Kalle Lesn, But Does It Float featured the terrific dimensional twists of Nicholas Kennedy Sitton’s photo collages which are like prizes for eyes, and Dazed Digital continues their Rankin-captured 20 + 20 Covers Project with a legion of coolness to go with.

Tweet of the week

Whole forests were chopped down and mangrove swamps were drained so that I could tweet this, but I think it was worth it.
@louistheroux on how things just are.

Pedestrian clearing device of the week

They’re in your way and it’s just not cool to cough out loud anymore. So what? Bike bell people, bike bell.

Most eloquent break-up song of the week

You’ve got to wonder what the whole story is. An Andy Kaufman classic.

Justin Beiber-related video of the week

We missed Black Friday – the mental day when shops open their doors at the crack to a baying crowd of bargain-hunting fiends who move as a wall of flesh into stores that promise them a 3% discount on an angry birds soap dish. But we love this Bieber-flavoured promo for Macy’s, so not a huge loss.

Inexplicably disappointing discovery of the week (potentially the millennium)

It begins: “The end is not quite nigh.” The translation of the Mayan tablet that spawned a thousand apocalyptic b-movies has been thrown into doubt by an expert in Germany who claims instead of 2012 hailing The End, it actually denotes a transition to a new era. And with that comes the audible sound of pearly veneers popping off the molars of Hollywood’s screenwriting guild.

“Experimental thing-ressurection” of the week

Graphic designer Ich Bin Kong is the man responsible for animating the lifeless features of his city with goggle eyes – simple, simple joy.

[ insert name here ] I love you, this Weekender’s for you.