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The Weekender

The Weekender thinks therefore it is. The Weekender thinks therefore it. The Weekender thinks therefore. The Weekender thinks. The Weekender…

Best of the site

This week we stumbled across The Most Expensive Picture site, and were fascinated to find out all about it thanks to its creators. We were also bowled over by the surreal illustrations of Sophie Alda, and we were comprehensively charmed by this video all about the oldest piano shop in Paris.

Best of the rest

It was great to see Carl Kleiner’s new work for Intersport featured on Huh this week, and it was fascinating to read about modern movie trailer making courtesy of our pals over at Little White Lies. Oh, yeah, and of course rapper Ice Cube was in a video extolling the virtues of Eames.

Tweet of the week

“Things I am bored of. Infographics, projections on buildings, crap apps, QR codes, Sex.”
A list that could only have been compiled by the inimitable @millsustwo

Disgusting/delicious confusion of the week

“You keep telling me you’re a f******g artist but you never let me see any of your work. What the f**k’s that about? Have you ever even made ANYTHING?”
“Look, there’s a reason, ok…”
“Bulls**t. You’re all talk you are. If you really are an artist what the f**k do you create?”
“Ok. Fine. I make brains out of different foods. Like rice and stuff."
“You’re creeped out aren’t you?”
“A bit. But I did once date someone who made Van Gogh paintings out of spices. Maybe it’s me?"

Invention of the week

That’s right dolphin. We’re not so different now you and me…

London riots analysis of the week

This is a brilliant, original take on the London riots and why it made one family fall out of love with east London

Graffiti of the week

If you’ve ever sprayed your name – or “tag” as the kids call it – onto anything, you’ve just been well and truly bested by an Abu Dhabi sheikh. You can see his graffito FROM SPACE!

Typographic merriment of the week

Want to laugh at comic sans, the most bullied of all typographies, and see what famous logos would like if it had its stupid way? Course you do…

The Weekender is now off for his holibobs until January, except from a super-amazing Christmas Day special.

Here ends the lesson.