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The Weekender

When’s it too late to say Happy New Year? People are still saying it but it seems a bit weird. What if I don’t see someone for months, then I bump into them in my local opticians (or similar) in, like, July? Should I wish them Happy New Year? Will they judge me? Will the optician (or similar) judge me? It’s these kind of things that’ll keep you up at night. Let the balm of The Weekender soothe your worries, and hope for the best…

Best of the site

KAPOW! We’re back getting all 2012 and that and what a right rollicking start we’ve had. We were fascinated to speak to Pentagram’s Luke Hayman about what it’s like to redesign a world famous magazine like Cosmopolitan, we marvelled at Shane McAdams’s ability to create beautiful things using ballpoint pens and tanning salons (top combo) and we were all over José Parlá’s graffiti-inspired work.

Best of the rest

Everyone cranked into gear this week and there was a bounty of brilliant things to read and see out there. We were agog at Yayoi Kusama’s celebration of the simple sticker, while Will Laren’s fabulous, funny drawings showcased on Booooooom were a real winner. Meantime, Creative Review carried a wonderful tribute to Ronald Searle, the late, great graphic satirist.

Tweet of the week

“Just mooed by mistake.”
No word of a lie, @WeirdHorse is my new favourite Twitter feed. Could have picked any number of entries, but this was truly excellent.

Correction of the week

You might know that there is currently a hearing into the UK press with much hand-wringing over ethics, standards and the future of the so-called fourth estate. But over in NYC, The New York Times printed the best ever correction to appear in a newspaper after mixing up, wait for it, two My Little Pony characters. Did people complain? Is there a My Little Pony lobby group? However we forgive them this heinous error because of stories like this – for anyone who’s ever fallen victim to the drunken Ebay urge…

Meta-interest of the week

Did you know that Wednesday was World Trivia Day? Which in itself is good trivia – don’t think about this too much, it makes your brain ache. Anyway to celebrate here’s a list of some brilliant facts, like that the man who invented the Pringle can apparently had his ashes buried in one…

Wildlife resource of the week

National Geographic have kindly produced their most popular pictures from last year, broken down month by month. Thanks Team NG!

2012 Preparation of the week.

So new year eh? Got everyhthing you need? Bubble wrap calendar? A list of Woody Guthrie’s 1943 resolutions? You’re welcome.

Phone-in contributor of the week

Comedian Robert Popper has a pitch perfect alter ego Robin Coooper. He does silly, but very funny, things like this…

Happy New Ye…oh.