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The Weekender

People often write in to ask questions of The Weekender. Who, what, when, why? Why??? This week we were thrilled to hear from Clive, aged 12, from Scotland who wrote in saying: “Hi Weekender, how do I get to write an irreverent, weekly culture round-up on an excellent creativity-championing website?” Well Clive it’s an exactly equal mix of talent, luck, blood and honour.” Good luck! Talking of irreverent, weekly culture round-ups…

Best of the site

This week we were freakin’ knocked out by J K Keller’s digital gameplaying, thrilled beyond belief by Ingrid Siliakus’ paper architecture and touched by Wimpy’s Braille burgers for blind customers. Pleasure you can’t measure.

Best of the rest

The past seven days brought us an in-depth history of the sit-com ad campaign from those clever clogs at Creative Review, The Telegraph article on Quentin Blake made us all warm and fuzzy, and Colossal rocked our socks off twice, firstly with these hyper-realistic treats from Steve Miller and then with the single biggest laugh-out-loud moment of the week…

Tweet of the week

“Sex addicts are just bonkers”
Top (naughty) punning from @jacques_aih.

Cold-feet of the week

“Oh darling. I am so pleased we are getting married tomorrow. You have made me the happiest woman in the whole world. Just one thing I should mention, the cake is going to be a bit unusual…”

Combo of the week

Dr Seuss’ Oh The Places You’ll Go! told by some of the weird and wonderful folk at the legendary Burning Man festival. YES!

Church of the week

Devotees of file-sharing in Sweden are celebrating after the Church of Kopimisim was officially recognised by the country’s authorities – file-sharing is now a religion.

Dating website of the week

Hey singletons! Fed up of sleazy bar types and dead-end dating services leaving you luckless in love and all alone on the nightbus? Well get up off that couch and comb your hair, because there’s a solution – Object Dating. You upload five things that define you and the site finds your perfect match. It’s FLAWLESS. (Socio-legal disclaimer – may not be flawless. Here’s some pictures of Ryan Gosling looking pretty in an airport though)

Stupidly well-produced viral of the week

Take society’s messed-up obsession with unrealistic physical perfection and lampoon it like you’ve never lampooned before, big and shiny. We give you the latest beauty fad, Photoshop, by Adobé…

Blood and honour Clive! Blood and honour!