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The Weekender

There’s a lot of hating about February. “It’s so short.” “It’s so cold.” “It’s so unambitious.” Yeah?! Why don’t you take a look in the mirror pal? When were you ever a month?! Yeah?! One of twelve?! In your dreams mate! We love February. In fact we think it’s “fab.” Or “Fab?” So guess what we call it? That’s right – Good February. Now cockle-warming ahoy, here comes The Weekender…

Best of the website

What did we do this week? What didn’t we ruddy do? We were envious of the good folk at Isobel ad agency who get to create these incredible Christmas cards every year. We ruminated on the intelligent things Robert Montgomery told us when we went to meet him ahead of the opening of his new show. And we giggled, like tall, salaried children at Beni Bischof’s impudent, wonderful portfolio.

Best of the rest

Wasn’t just us pulling out all the stops this week, no siree. We were #bigfans of this brilliant Eye Magazine blog post about the role design might play in rebuilding Greece’s future, we were interetsed to get an insight into the “edgier” covers of Bloomberg Business Week thanks to The Atlantic Wire and then we were bowled over by Booooooom! and this little cracker…

Tweet of the week

“For f***s sake…The “bagging area’ HAS TO F**K OFF!
I love this because of the image of @millsutwo flying into a frenzy at the frustrations of self-service checkout. (Also the first person EVER to be featured in Tweet of the Week twice…)

Heartbreaking image of the week

Over at the world’s most-visited news website, the tragic tale of little Bailey Massey, a nine-month-old little chap who died of a rare liver disease. He had his hearse escorted by family members dressed up as his favourite cartoon characters – you’re probably made of stone if this doesn’t move you,

Weird skill of the week

You know that awkward bit on a CV where you have to add special skills and you never know what to write (NB “Ability to open beer bottles with my teeth" does NOT go down well)? Well this girl is sorted for that – “Ability to say any word backwards in milliseconds." HIRED!

Chapter of the week

No 37 from comicbook creator Chip Zdarsky recounting (on Warren Ellis’ blog) how he was approached to produce the unspeakable, the inexplicably fallacious and the down-right wrong – a sequel to The Watchmen…

Combo of the week

Do you like infinity pools AND base jumping? Well fortunately this video is here to sate you…

(Found via Architizer).

Geeky meme in-jokes of the week

The excellently-named Stefan Van Zogel turned viral internet videos into movie posters. Great if you know them, and a good resource if you’re looking to make Friday afternoon go a bit quicker if you don’t…

Happy Good February boys, girls and/or others…