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The Weekender

Next week is Valentine’s Day and so to get you in a frisky mood, The Weekender has generously agreed to share some of its romance tips. 1. A sexy surprise is rarely appropriate on the bus. 2. NOTHING says commitment like a parsnip soup. 3. “Gosh” is an odd word to use in the bedroom. You’re all welcome. On to business…

Best of the site

This week was all about reflection. We reflected on a decade of joy from top creative collective Peepshow and had a chat with them about their new book, we reflected on Sunday night’s Superbowl – well, ok, we reflected on the best adverts because the game itself is baffling nonsense – and we reflected on slamming Swiss graphic design thanks to Banziger Hug.

Best of the rest

With the super exciting news that Ai Weiwei and Herzog & de Meuron are teaming up for this year’s Serpentine Pavilion, Design Observer had a timely interview with Jacques Herzon himself, Jeff Ramirez’ hyper-realistic paintings of surreally stupid scenes got a big thumbs-up and over at Dezeen, Iris van Herpen gave a new meaning to killer heels (arf arf).

Tweet of the week

“People who say ’I am my own worst critic’: you’re almost certainly not. The internet exists now. You’re lucky if you’re in the top twenty.”
Wise, bitter words from @stuheritage (although we were so tempted to choose the Tweet which referred to It’s Nice That director @willhudson as “gorgeous.”)

Reason to move to Atlanta, Georgia, of the week

Because if we lived there we could go to Bon Rappetite every day. And if you thought the eponymous pun was a humdinger wait until you peruse the rap-star inspired menu. Ludacrispy Chicken Salad? L’il kimchi? Roastface Killah? Wu Tang Clams? Taxi, the airport, now!

Baby of the week

Stupid people who boast about their baby walking or something. This baby plays ping-pong (kind-of).

Um, ok, story of the week

Steve Jobs’ FBI file has been released this week. It’s kind of simultaneously fascinating and mundane. You’ll see (you’ll all see!).

Spotify recommendation of the week

“Oh yeah my brother Dan makes some really cool playlists. He knows loads of bands you won’t have heard of. You should totally check out his links.”
“Yeah? Well what about President Obama’s playlist. Game, set and match methinks.”

Best headline of the week

Occasionally a really great headline almost overshadows the story. “CCTV police officer chased himself after being mistaken for burglar” is one such occasion. Actually forget that, the whole thing is deliciously bonkers.

Rhythm of the week

We wanted to sign off this week by bringing you Madonna’s barmy half-time show at the Superbowl but some killjoy lawyers have had it removed from Youtube. This man is the next best thing…

Remember as old Papa Weekender used to say, love is like an old mackerel. Keep it smoochy!