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The Weekender

There’s something that’s been bugging me for a while, and I feel now is the time dear readers to finally share it with you. In the intro to The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Will Smith tells us that he is sent to California by his mum because “she got scared” when he “got in one little fight.” However we only see him being spun round above someone’s head –there’s no violence at all. Which begs the question was Will Smith’s mum just trying to get rid of him? Or was she actually pretending to be “scared” so he could go and start a better life with his uncle and aunt (Phil and Vivian). Either way we need answers! In the meantime though…

Best of the site

This week we mainly revelled. We revelled in the wonder of the second Milan Review of the Universe. We revelled in FOAM Agency’s new promo posters for Dry the River. And we revelled in the brilliance of this advert from an Aussie comedy duo…

Best of the rest

This week we massively enjoyed this Juergen Teller video for Nowness, we were fascinated by Ben Terret’s account of visiting the new Olympic Velodrome and we wished we could go to a restaurant with a waterfall INSIDE it!

Tweet of the week

“Lots of lame pancake day related tweets from businesses – ‘Are you having pancakes tonight? Well visit our site and buy a new printer.”
A sage point from @michaeltowns about companies trying to clumsily cash in on our favourite batter-based holiday.

Pancake heroes of the week

You can picture it now. You’re sitting in your lasercutting office, it’s a quiet day, the conversation turns to who’s having pancakes that night. An idea is born. You couldn’t….could you? On the laser cutting machine? No way. But..what if? Hats off to the chaps at Cutlasercut for not allowing the dream to die and doing the unthinkable.

“The job market’s changed” realisation of the week

Companies can get swamped with applicants for every available post these days so how to separate the good from the brilliant? Maybe video CVs as per MindValley?":http://www.youtube.com/results?search=Search&resnum=0&oi=spell&search_query=mindvalley+cover+letter&spell=1&sa=X Meanwhile, interns are having a tough time of it at the moment, but this Belgian agency has hit on a clever/horrendous solution – the better you do, the better your accommodation is. Wow.

Couple of the week

Note to all my friends – you are not getting a wedding present unless you do engagement pictures like these ones

Rumble of the week

Guardian journalist Jon Ronson vs a spambot (or an infomorph as it prefers to be called). It’s really interesting and includes the immortal line: “I have no interest in celeriac! Or lemongrass …I have a bit of interest in lemongrass."

Journalistic heroes of the week

We have celebrated David Foster Wallce’s non-fiction on the site before but we were nowhere near as eloquent or interesting as this. And talking of journalists, this GQ interview with Hunter S Thompson’s Rolling Stone managing editor Paul Scanlon is a real joy…

Job of the week

Fancy being an artworker for the British Secret Service? Cool.

We’ve not forgotten you Mrs Smith! Have a dandy weekend all.