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The Weekender

The first rule about The Weekender: you do not talk about The Weekender. The second rule: you DO NOT talk about The Weekender. Third: If someone says stop, goes limp or taps out, The Weekender is over. Only one Weekender at a time, no shirts, no shoes. The Weekender will go on as long as it has to. If this is your fist Weekender, you have to chuckle…

Best of the site

Complex ideas to gorgeous graphics is a journey we’ll always jump aboard so the BBH posters for The Guardian were right up our street. Talking of streets, Tito Mouraz probably walked up a street to get to the quarry where he took these mind-bending photos. and talking of photos, woodcuts are like very primitive photos, and Gabriela Jolowicz is a star.

Best of the rest

Tennis fans and sculpture vultures alike will lap up this installation we saw on Huh, the Sabotage Times gave us a pleasing run-down of some of the best GIFs on the internet while the LA Times saluted Star Wars illustrator Ralph McQuarrie who passed away this week.

Tweet(s) of the week

“How to be a technology journalist: “Apple are rumoured to be working on a product that will have more features and be faster, probably.”
“According to sources who haven’t seen the new Apple product, it might be launched as soon as this month, or if not, later.”

We enjoyed this Twitter rant (Twant? ((no, sounds rude)) ) from Dezeen founder @marcusfairs about the new iPad 3 “coverage.”

Ads of the week

Now listen up adland chums. This is the kind of ad we want to see more of…

And even though this is a spoof we really like it…

Computer wallpapers of the week

We love Sad and Useless, because they brings things like portraits of celebrities with pancakes on their heads into our lives. And they flag up projects like these twisted computer backgrounds which will make you want to sneak into your office in the dead of night and put them on your colleagues’ workstations. Just me? Oh. Yeah course I was joking…

Zing of the week

There is a school of thought which says that nobody can read articles on the internet because of all the pretty things to see and do on the web. This article makes the point that the real world isn’t exactly devoid of distractions…

“Space is so cool” realisation of the week

So we watched this video and we marvelled at the jaw dropping wonder of the universe. The we read about what we could eat if we went there…

Headline of the week

Methinks some cheeky monkey at The Daily Telegraph knew what he was doing with this: Women who have just finished ovulating are best at spotting snakes.

“Was that an adder?”
“Behind the bush?“
“Let me get Theresa…”

And that’s all we’ve got time for. Just before we go you probably think the It’s Nice That team is a super hip collection of artistically-infatuated individuals. And we are. But this is the story that got the studio most excited this week.