Huzzah for The Weekender!

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The Weekender: Easter special with a massive ego and a mad Mazda

Because it’s Easter, I think it’s about time we talked about religion. Me? I’m a respectheist. I respect ALL the major deities and some pretty minor ones too. The reason for my magnanimity is because I worship at the shrine of Sheryl Crow. Thanks to my committed Crow-mania, the It’s Nice That redesign has been very inspirational for me, because our Lady of Sheryl has wise words: “A change (change) would do you good.” She has little aphorisms like this for any occasion (All I want to do is have some fun” is another good one) but I’m not here to evangelise – each to their own. Let’s do this…

Best of the site

This week we were bowled over by Rami Niemi’s amazing illustrations, beautifully befuddled by Enrico Natali’s photographs which incredibly haven’t been manipulated and we watched a car take on the wall of death (but mainly we thought about the poor guy in the middle).

Btw, this is how it was done.

Best of the rest

This week we took notes about Woody Allen’s management style from Design Observer, we marvelled at this super-sweet video from Us over on Creative Review and we glorified in the childish side of our sense of humour with this trailer as the Family Guy creator moves into feature film (NB THIS IS RUDE AND NAUGHTY SO DON’T WATCH IF YOU”RE AT WORK OR DON’T LIKE THAT KIND OF CARRY ON)

Tweet of the week

“There should be more geese in town centres.”
I keep searching for a hidden meaning from @lloydwoolf but I think it’s as it seems.

Who would buy that and why? query of the week

We’ve all been there – first date, nerves a-jangling and suddenly you share that moment. The fear of course is that you give away the inner turmoil you’re experiencing via a renegade bead of brow-sweat or an anxious giggle. What if though, what if, your dress went see-through if your heart rate went up? This is a thing now…

Camera hack of the week

This is genius. Jason Bognacki attaches his 1920s Piccolette Contessa-Nettel onto his current camera. Takes photos. And they’re brilliant.

Web design advice of the week

Want to sort give your site a shot in the arm? Take Samuel L Jackson’s advice (NSFW).

Ego of the week

Last Friday, most people had never heard of Samantha Brick, but that all changed thanks to an extraordinary article she wrote this week complaining about how other women hate her because she’s so darn beautiful. Cue the backlash, some of which was disappointingly nasty, but much of which was funny and Tumblr-tastic. So what did Samantha do in the face of such a reaction? Climb-down? Embrace some humility? Or write a follow-up kind of comparing herself to Angelina Jolie? (It’s the last one if you’re playing at home kids.).

Hypnotic Easter-themed video of the week

Yay indeed Ralph!