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The Weekender – cash sculpture, Avatar the nightclub and face squid pregancy

Aside from serving you fine folk up with regular artsy-weird-whimsy, The Weekender is a big fan of jogging and can often be found pootling up down the Thames path drinking in the views and staving off a heart attack. Almost without fail while out running, someone will shout “Run Forest Run!” at me, it could be a tramp, some yobs or even a street entertainer angling for a cheap laugh (which they usually get). Now The Weekender can take a joke (kind of) but this just seems baffling. All this “joke” does is reference an old film where someone also does some running. If you pass an off duty soldier you don’t shout Apocalypse Now! because they’re also wearing camouflage. If you see a potentially lost child you wouldn’t scream Home Alone and then high five a passer-by. Actually maybe some of you would. To business!

Best of the site

This week it was a lot about creative craft – we started off by revelling in the woven genius of Grayson Perry, celebrated the still-life compositions of Daniel Gordon and were wowed by Rodrigo Torres’ tremendous cash sculptures.

Best of Best of the Rest

This week we enjoyed Jay Mcinerney’s take on the enduring appeal of The Great Gatsby (although how about a spoiler alert Guardian guys and gals??) we were interested to meet the graphic designer Ron Arad hired off the street and we loved Esquire’s guide to managerial style at Euro 2012.

Best of the rest

This week we were thrilled to see our old pal Guy Laramee’s new book sculptures on FlavorWire, we thought this piece about typographic book covers was really thought-provoking and we were interested to see the debate about the new University of the Arts London identity (tin hats on everyone!).

Tweet of the week

“How was dinner?” “Ok. A squid got me pregnant in the face.”

A lot of competition this week (take a bow Twitter) but this from @Calbo made me laugh without even knowing what it was about. Then I did my research and this is INSANE.

Impressive feat/unhealthy addiction of the week

Harry Hill famously once pointed out that heroin is very more-ish, but for certain swathes of the population computer games can be just as addictive. Take this guy for example who has been playing the same game of Civilisation II for ten years. What’s brilliant is that since this was published the online community have been rallying round to try and help him end it…

Nelson-from-The Simpsons-style-”Har-har”-moment of the week

A brilliant, brilliant piece by Daniel Kahneman for The New Yorker but I bet you fall for the riddley-bit at the start. We sure did. Damn you Kahneman!

Clarification of the week

This article about the truth behind some of London’s more unusual names is probably the only piece which cleared up a brothel/casserole confusion this week. I’m not definite, but pretty confident.

Nightlife innovation of the week

The formula of a good night out is fairly simple but that doesn’t stop all sorts of people bending over backwards to improve/meddle with them. It can be as simple as an anti-jostle bar device but it can be a lot, lot stranger…

Eagle eyes of the week

Isn’t it weird when you’re sat watching your favourite big-budget fantasy drama series and you spot that one of the decapitated heads on a spike bears an uncanny resemblance to a former American president? No us neither, but someone did…

Oh you just did some reading?! Good Will Hunting!