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The Weekender — amazing collages, unleashed puppies and the Prime Ministerial seagull

There’s a thing going round at the moment, popular with advertisers and Twitter wags where you pretend you’re talking about the Olympics by saying something like “All eyes will be on east London tonight for an iconic event sure to attract thousands of fans” and then at the last moment you reveal that it wasn’t the Olympics at all by saying “…IT”S MY BIRTHDAY” or “DO THE LOTTERY” and everyone congratulates you for being hilarious and carries you shoulder-high through a joyous throng of well-wishers. So everyone ready? “I am sure you’ve been waiting for today for years but it’s finally here to put an end to the speculation and anticipation…” wait for it, “IT’S THE WEEKENDER!” Hahahaha, oh mercy!

Best of the site

This week we loved Lilli Care and her wonderful illustration, we spent a lot of quality head-scratching time trying to get our heads round James Hastie’s amazing collage work and we were jolly impressed by Nike’s lovely cheekiness…

Best of Best of the Rest

This week we got all tingly-excited about Tino Sehgal’s new Tate Modern project, we learned about a new iPhone photography course and we were mesmerised by this TED talk= about a camera that can see round corners!

Best of the Rest

This week we got excited about the designs for this border crossing we loved this infographic look at the Obama/Romney email campaigns and we learned all about naughty graffiti from Roman times# (brilliant but NSFW…)

Tweet of the Week

“North Korea’s Kim Jong Un has apparently got married. So, it’s when Two Becomes Un.”
Quick, funny and a Spice Girls reference, what’s not to like from @SimonNRicketts?

Photoshopping of the week

Want to see David Cameron’s head grafted seamlessly onto the body of a seagull? Course you do…

Gap year of the week

Flora: Ok yar it’s like so inspirational being on a Gap Yaaar. I actually feel kind of more African than English now which is just totes amazeballs.
Seth: Oh I totally know what you mean, how long have you been out here for?
Flora: Six weeks, and I’m here until I start at Durham next month yar?
Seth: Oh my God! My cousin Spiffy is at Durham. How random?!
Gunther: Can you two shut up? I have been travelling for 23 years you drivelling morons!!

Um, ok moment of the week

Lots of Twitter chat and excitable press releases about David Cerny’s new work which features a London bus doing press-ups. It can’t really be how it sounds can it? Oh, it can…

Funny vegetables of the week

A comedian called Alun Cochrane used to do a brilliant line when compering urging the audience to follow the example of baldy, uber-cheerful TV chef Ainsley Harriot who even found aubergines funny. But turns out it may not just be baldy, uber-cheerful TV chefs, it might also be ALL women as well.

Alternative opening ceremony plan of the week

This is pretty much the best Olympic thing I have seen this week. Unleash the puppies!

I’m going to enjoy the next two weeks of sweaty international toil….oh what’s the point. Shabba!