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The Weekender – adverts, creatives’ bins and the pen for women

Outgoing, professional (ha!) weekly nonsense round-up WLTM readers for fun and frolics. Enjoys silly Tumblrs, picnics where all the food is one colour and bear-baiting. Looking for a vivacious, saucy partner with own teeth (negotiable) and segway (non-negotiable). Willing to travel (if you cover reasonable expenses for bus fares, Fishermen’s Friends and paper). No timewasters or vertigo sufferers (I have my reasons). Call me!

Best of the site

This week we wished we drooled over Adrien Sauvage’s achingly cool promo shoots, we drooled again over Malika Favre’s stunning updates and then we laughed, how we laughed, at Wieden’s amazing new interactive Old Spice ad…

Best of Best of the Web

The tributes to Neil Armstrong were many and moving but we particularly enjoyed this pictorial piece from The Atlantic, Dezeen gave us a snoop round five of the most interesting Venice Architecture Biennale pavilions and we got an oddly insightful look at creatives’ rubbish courtesy of Print Mag.

Best of the Rest

Interesting article in The Guardian about the Ukraine sleeping beauty performance piece, Flavor Wire brought us these excellent minimalist posters of art movements and The New York Times gloried in the wonder of first day at school photos.

Tweet of the week

“This lion business is bringing back memories of reports of a kangaroo loose in Cardiff which turned out to be a dog.”

Comedian @BenPartridge made us chuckle with this reminiscence during the essex lion debacle (for those playing along at home, there wasn’t a lion in Essex).

Marketing decision of the week

It must be hard working in the research and development for Bic.How many times can you reinvent a pen? Smaller? More pen-like? Easier clicakability? We suspect it was a very slow day though when someone pitched the pen for women. And it must have been a surprise all-round when it was green-lighted. Of course when it went on sale, funny people on sites like Amazon had a few things to say. 384 customer reviews and counting…

Follow-up of the week

Remember last Friday’s weekender (weren’t we young!) when we enjoyed the story about the amateur restorer who, um, ruined a fresco with her cack-handed if well-meaning attempts? Well now The Cecilia Prize gives you the chance to have a go too. It’s not going to go away this one…

“Problem? No, challenge” youngster of the week

Because a) I think I’m good at football and b) I’m self-deluded, I always have a little pang of jealousy whenever I see a story about a child who’s set for sporting stardom. Not this time though because this is just lovely – meet the young Brazilian who’s amazing despite having no feet…

Point-missing of the week

Andy Warhol’s famous Campbell’s soup cans were daring artistic rejoinders to the prevailing cultural homogenisation of American society. So I’m not sure quite what he’d have made of Campbell’s bringing out special Andy Warhol limited editions. Actually he’d probably have loved it. Mmmmmm, soup.

Search party of the week

This is extraordinary. Woman on trip gets changed. Fellow passengers report her missing. Woman joins search for herself! Bet that was a bit awkward.

Don’t try to change me baby.