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The Weekender – naughty QR codes, the ostrich pillow and Jay-Z explained

And so The Weekender sent down some tablets onto which were scribed the Ten Commandments of Weekenderism. 1. Be nice. 2. Be creative. 3. Make coffee sometimes. 4. Do exercise. 5. Don’t be a ruddy idiot. 6. Smile. 7. Sing. 8. Laugh until you snort. 9. Laugh at other people for snorting thus exacerbating their laughter.10. Read The Weekender EVERY Friday and tell your pals about it. And the people rejoiced and made a massive statue out of fudge in celebration. here ends the lesson. Boom!

Best of the Site

This week we lusted after the ostrich pillow (which is as amazing as it sounds), we loved Benoit Paille’s project getting people on the beach to photograph themselves and we stroked our chin and soaked up the history in our D&AD 50th anniversary round-up.

Best of Best of the Web

Elsewhere we enjoyed the Creative Review piece on the USA Today redesign, we loved this article about what business cards can tell us about the digital/print divide and we (grudgingly) wished emoticons happy birthday.

Best of the Rest

QR codes have yet to really capture real people’s imaginations but maybe this hotel room covered in the things will change minds (although they link to some VERY naughty things), Print Mag had a great interview with the director of Obama’s poster campaign and we really enjoyed this New Yorker story based on the Artangel installation on London’s South Bank.

Tweet of the week

“So stressful wearing brand new trainers in the club.”
The brilliant @DJsComplaining list threw up many gems illustrating the under-appreciated hardships our brave, brave DJs like @DJYodaUK must endure.

Career woman of the week

Hands up who’s ever slammed Barbie as a bad role model? Come on you know who you are! Well get ready to reevaluate as you realise how many jobs she’s held down over the years, including wonderfully, no fewer than nine different types of teacher.

Throdge of the week

Buying a domain name is a right pain in the behind sometimes but it might be about to get easier. The good news is that that Nick Asbury has compiled a list of short, simple .com domains available for very reasonable prices. The catch? Why would you assume there’s a catch? You’re so cynical…ok well there is one tiny thing – they’re probably the ugliest words in the English language. But sprolge.com is up for it if you are…

Mean magician of the week

We hadn’t come across Mr Wizard before but we can’t get him out of our heads after watching this. To put it mildly, Mr Wizard (and we suspect that’s not his real name) is pretty harsh to the youngsters on his show…

Public service of the week

Sick of Jay-Z sounding off about his 99 problems without expanding on his moans (although we can apparently rule out one thing)? So were we. So were Thought Catalogue, so they put together a speculative list of what they might be.

Fanboy of the week

Ok picture the scene. You’ve got your hands on a Back to the Future Delorean. Why would you NOT drive round and photograph it outside actual locations used in the movie? Of course you would. This guy did and to be honest we respect him all the more for it.

Go forth and tell the world The Weekender is nigh!