The Weekender – The Jetsons, movie sing-a-longs and the weirdest stag party EVER

28 September 2012
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There’s no denying it any longer. It’s time for The Weekender just to put this out there and be who it really is. Tired of living a lie, of conforming to the “norms” of “society” it is time to reclaim myself and hang the consequences. Ready? My name is The Weekender and I prefer mandarins to clementines. Take that The Man! Here goes nothing…

Best of the site

This week we joined the throngs queuing up to praise the look of the new Myspace (I know!), we feasted our eyes on Nathalie Guinamard’s artwork and we realised that it’s all going to be ok thanks to the best GIF Tumblr we’ve seen in yolks.

Best of Best of the Web

We very much enjoyed learning about Queen Victoria’s impact on the world of colour& in The New York Times, we looked with Wired at what happened to the technology PROMISED in cartoon documentary The Jetsons and we saw exactly how you answer the haters thanks to F Scott Fitzgerald.

Best of The Rest

This is a fascinating article on why so many people read media bogeyman The Daily Mail_, this is a brilliant early Victoria Beckham photoshoot and this is the finest documentary about a man who made a cathedral out of junk you’ll see today…

Man I feel old video of the day

My younger colleagues tell me on good authority that this is currently the third most popular song in the UK hit parade. This video has been watched by nearly 300 million people. It’s utterly, charmingly bonkers. It wasn’t like this in my day – come back Another Level, all is forgiven…

Stag party plan of the week

Alright lads! Thanks all for getting here on time. Now I know most of you wanted booze, paintballing, booze, strip clubs, booze, and beers. But I thought werewolf hunting near Birmingham would be the best send-off for Gary…

Feelgood run-down of the week

The 20 best movie sing-a-alongs courtesy of Buzzfeed is a real treat. Look out in particular for Kate Hudson’s Derren Brown-style mind trick in the Almost Famous clip…

Pirate of the week

Anyone need conclusive proof that a two day drink and drugs bender is NOT a good idea? This cautionary tale about a woman who tried to steal a ferry shouting that she was Jack Sparrow ought to do it.

Rhythm is a Dancer moment of the week

We love pretty much everything about The Guardian’s Six Songs of Me project. We love the beautiful simplicity of the idea. We love the way the site looks. We love the way you can see a breakdown of what kind of people selected certain songs. And we love the fact that the first song we saw logging on was Snap’s Rhythm is a Dancer. Actually it’s only the name we’re not sure about.

Actually thinking about it I kind of like clementines…

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