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The Weekender – Holograms, big burgers and dancing in the red light district

Right everyone. Word association. What colour is Friday? What smell? What EU country? What 1980s pop duo? What material? What musical instrument? What medicine? What sound? What texture? What size? What potency? STOP! No wrong answers remember. Now take that list and send it everyone you know in the world. And that’s how we roll. Use a hammer to break glass, The Weekender is going off…

Best of the site

This week we had an enjoyable discussion with Ben Terrett about the Government’s ten digital design principles, we had an enjoyable peruse of Robert Longo’s photo series behind Robert Longo’s Men in Cities and we had an enjoyable reverie at Andrew Telling’s gorgeous new film.

Best of Best of the Web

In our newest homepage feature we marvelled at the history of the hologram, were charmed by legendary art dealer Irving Blum and agreed that The Comedy Carpet was an odd ommission from the D&AD winners.

Best of the rest

This week has been eclectic to say the least – we loved these close-ups of underwater critters, we were impressed by this flexible table on show in Milan and we thanked our lucky stars that someone had the good sense to shoot (and Colossal to publish) this video of slo-mo stupidity…

Tweet of the week

“Choirboys refer to singing from the same hymn sheet as ‘making sure they all agree on corporate objectives’.”
Lovely stuff from @garydelaney.

Reasons why people can’t be trusted #862

Because when Burger King offered to let people add extra strips of bacon to their burgers, someone pushed it TOO FAR! And you thought this lickable lift was the weirdest food story of the week…

Morning after moment of the week

You swim into consciousness, ignoring the throbbing in your head. You vaguely recognise the hotel room but most of the details of last night are hazy to say the least. Bleary-eyed, you grope your way to the bathroom feeling the weird bruise on your elbow. It’s the noise you hear first, and it hits you with a sickening jolt of hangover-piercing guilt. Last night, we stole a penguin

Style icons of the week

Over the years, Google Street View has been used for various purposes other than the ones intended. But spotting trendsetters? Nice.

Phlegmatic painter of the week

Artist Séverine Bourguignon explains what it’s like to see one of your paintings burned as part of an eye-catching publicity stunt to raise awareness of the Italian Government’s arts funding cuts.

Rhythmic brothel of the week

This one…

(Found via The Inspiration)

Purple, stale beer and hope, Portugal, Erasure, vulcanised rubber, bongos, laughter, the shrill cry of a drunk girl overlooked at a packed bar, meaty, yay high, ultra.