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The Weekender

Come closer readers, come sit with me by the hearth and hear me sing of things you could not imagine in your most cheese-affected dreams. Hear me sing of heroes locked in cataclysmic battles of good against evil, hear me tell of creative sights that would shock hoary Zeus himself. And hear me sing of a dog who likes to go down a slide. Um, hi. Weekender? What the heck’s going on? Sorry, it’s just this week’s offering is EPIC…

Best of the site

This week we paw-ed over Tom Edward’s gorgeous Nine Tales cat-venture, we marvelled at the surreal simplicity of Daniel Eatock’s new work and we got the hump because in the 1970s NASA thought we would all be living in space colonies like these, and we’re not, we still stuck on stinky old earth.

Best of the rest

There was so much great stuff around this week that I’m going to give you a two-hander best of the rest divided between stuff and thoughts. Stuff-wise, Urban Outfitters tickled us with Christopher Patrick Ernst’s amazing photos of escapist restaurant art, we got to play Where’s Wally (ok Where’s Liu?) with this gallery and we LOVED this minimalist pop-culture Lego campaign on Creative Review.

For thoughts we chewed enjoyably on both the Design Observer piece about the Apple pinwheel of death and this excellent assessment of whether Wes Anderson has sold out.

Tweet of the week

I just looked at myspace. It was like visiting Easter Island and seeing the remains of a culture that had destroyed itself
Lovely simile from @LloydWoolf.

You don’t look your age of the week

These 100-year-old colour photos of Russia taken by Sergei Prokudin-Gorskii are fascinating on so many levels…

Playground-loving dog of the week

My second favourite thing about this video is how it teases you for a bit before the magic happens. My favourite thing is when the dog goes on the helter-skelter…

Buffoons of the week

Step forward Blackpool Council for destroying part of Why Not Associates’ amazing, Designs of the Year-nominated comedy carpet.

Tumblr joy of the week

A lot of social media love this week for Otters That look like Benedict Cumberbatch. It’s great, no question. But is it as great as a blog where famous people have the perspectives of their hands played with? No siree…

Simpsons resource of the week

Funny signs from The Simpsons? It’s what Fridays are made for.

Mental image of the week

This week The Telegraph’s cartoonist told us what he does and doesn’t like to draw. In one list you’ll find “David Cameron” and “People in S&M gear”. Shudders..

Sing with me everyone.