Photograph by Francesco Nazardo

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Sports fans! It’s 40-love to the Weekender. Strawberries & cream for all!

Every year Wimbledon brings out the competitive side in the Weekender. There’s no humble nodding when there’s a bad serve, or quiet screech into the sweat towel when a point is lost. It’s full on racket-wrangling, ball-bouncing, giant-grunting when the Weekender is on centre court. But if you’d rather have a mellower Wimbledon final this weekend grab a jug of pimms, fill your gob with strawberries and read a friendly rally between art and design.

Excellent stuff you might have missed this week


It’s Nice That Graduates 2015: Portfolios

– We’re not ones to blow our own trumpets at INT Towers but when it comes to advice we’ve got friends in fairly lofty places, so obviously we jump on any opportunity to rack their brains for advice. In part one of four articles designed to help new graduates get off on the right foot, we spoke to a couple of them about their tips on putting together portfolios. Share the love!

– Never the type to shy away from a homespun rap, artist and illustrator Mr Bingo took full advantage of his new Kickstarter campaign this week, creating a fully fledged music video and accompanying song to peddle his new book. It worked – he’s already doubled his (lofty) goal, and he’s got 23 days left to go, but with rhymes this slick it’s no surprise.


Klaus Frahm: The Fourth Wall

– Simple but endlessly effective, Klaus Frahm’s new series steps to the other side of the velvet curtain, showing theatres from backstage to expose all of the inner workings of dramatic performances. Altogether now: “it’s behind you!”

– Animator extraordinaire Nicolas Ménard is back this week with a whole new series of GIFs, mesmerisingly repetitive and purely black and white. Keep ‘em coming!

– If you find yourself in east London this week with not a lot to do, may we suggest you pop by Dreambagsandjaguarshoes to check out Charlie Kwai’s exhibition? Entitled Parade, it houses a collection of the photographer’s signature documentary shots snapped on the streets of London, and it’s an eclectic and optimistic portrait of this bizarre city.

Elsewhere in art and design world


– New York is supposedly losing the neon signs it was once famous for and this Guardian piece tries to track their disappearance.

– In this sunny weather it’s hard to feel motivated to be the high-powered career person you know you can be. Fortunately for us Fast Co. Design has collected together a list of 32 productivity tips all from the world’s top designers to inspire us.

– This week NOWNESS released the first part of its new series The Way We Dress. In this film, director Chelsea McMullan considers the female gaze and the secret sartorial language between women.


– Graphic designer Molly Woodward is preserving urban typography via her website Vernacular Typography. Here The Creators Project talks about Molly’s project and the signage that once adorned so many shops and buildings around the world.

– Beyoncé’s becoming a skyscraper? Oh… wait no, she’s just inspired the form of a 226-metre skyscraper being built in Melbourne. Dezeen revealed all the curvaceous details earlier this week.

The Weekender


Beccy Fulleylove

Writing and sending postcards was an essential part of going on holiday when I was younger. Normally written to both sets of grandparents, they’d be full of juicy details like: “Dad lost his flipflop in the sea again” and “It’s really hot here.” This nostalgia is why I find myself continually scouring this amazing Tumblr called Cardboard America. It’s already made the rounds, but this Tumblr collates 20th Century postcards from all over America and organised them by state for easy navigation. It’s an amazing collection and you can’t help but imagine the glamour and extravagance people must have felt when they stepped on a plane for the first time to be transported to a new land.

Emily Gosling

Earlier this week to illustrate a point I was making, I began searching in vain for that clip from Smack The Pony where the woman clings on to a man’s leg, and gets dragged about. I couldn’t find it (if YOU can, email me now on [email protected]) but thank the Lord, I did find THIS, possibly the most perfect demonstration of what performance/video art looks like to everybody in the world apart from performance/video artists.


Barbie by Jane Mai

Maisie Skidmore

I have a lot for time for girl-to-girl advice – giving it, receiving it, complaining about needing more of it – and it doesn’t come packaged any better than Jane Mai’s. The illustrator has made comics and cartoon strips her medium, and while she’s not exclusively educational (see Barbie and Bieber Fever for more deets) she’s got some knowledge to share with the world on the subject of being a girl and dealing with female shit. I strongly advise spending a half hour or so on her website sniggering quietly and plotting a world takeover.


Alex Hawkins

Corgis can’t help being funny and finding out the Queen took one called Susan on her honeymoon (who also made headlines for biting the royal clock winder) in this private history of the royal corgis really doesn’t make a case for taking them any more seriously. That, and apparently in Welsh folklore fairies ride them. They never stood a chance did they? Just scroll straight down to the video.