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The Weekender

“Sunday, Monday, happy days. Tuesday, Wednesday, happy days. Thursday, Friday, happy days. The Weekend(er) comes, my cycle hums, ready to race to you.” It may be the nonsense theme-tune of a long-cancelled 70s sitcom but there’s wisdom in them words, even if they do suggest that the week begins on a Sunday (it doesn’t). Join me, let’s race!

Best of the blog

This week we got nostalgic over our wasted childhoods more than once. Firstly, we relived all those hours spent in front of a screen with Cameron Askin’s animated gifs. Then we got lost in the pages of comic books with Fletcher Hanks, before finally going full-on toy-crazy with The King of Legoland and his enviable collection of playthings. Being a grown-up is overrated.

Best of the rest

The Guardian offered us a little insight into the world of Grayson Perry ahead of his show at the British Museum which opened this week, Booooooom wowed us with Katrien Vermiere’s photographs of fireflies (it’s not twee, honest) and Creative Review did a cracking job of showing off the Imperial War Museums’ new identity.

Tweet of the week

“When you watch Cat Bin Lady put a cat in a bin, you think: “Anyone could do that!” But when you try it yourself, you realise it’s tricky."
@themanwhofell shares a cautionary tale.

Travelling musicians of the week

The Russians show us how to rock’n’roll on roads.

Dating advice of the week

Apparently it’s not just ‘nice guys’ and ‘bad boys’ anymore. Relationships (and men) have evolved according to Vice. Yeah right.

Oxymoron of the week

Nobody likes a show-off, but a humblebrag?

Sort-of-celebrity house of the week

The New York Times takes a trip round Matthew Weiner’s (he created Mad Men apparently) house. Expect period furnishings, pastel shades and some really questionable ornaments. Almost nothing like MTV’s Cribs.

Gifted mammals of the week

Horses, second to dogs, are the most well-loved of mankind’s animal friends. They’re fast, reliable and they’ve been a great help in well over a handful of wars. So imagine just how much love you’d have for a horse that paints pictures too. A lot, that’s how much.

“Goodbye grey skies, hello blue…” shut up The Fonze, the weekend is ours, and you’re fictional anyway.