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The Weekender: Lock your mum in the kitchen, it’s party time! Welcome to the Weekender

You know, in the ancient Egyptian times they used to bury their loved ones with a bunch of objects they may need in the afterlife. There’s been another bout of this kind of thing going around recently, with funeral directors coming forward and reporting on weird requests they’ve had. In the UK it’s more chucking in their favourite lighter, a bottle of ketchup, or the remote. Over in the US things get way more obscure, and better! This Reddit thread has got all kinds of juicy, stories on it, such as "my friend who works at a funeral home got a request to play the “Soul Bossa Nova”, the Austin Powers theme song as they walked out". The Weekender has already submitted its funeral requests, unfortunately we can’t share them with you as they (literally) violate our style guide and put us into the legal equivalent of shark-infested waters.

Six articles you should have spied at through their bedroom window this week


Image by Alexis Nolla

A lovely interview with the creative director of the new Pitchfork Review

Like music? Like magazines? You’d better subscribe to this bad boy.

Do you find action film posters on the tube rather violent?

Well, they just got even more gory thanks to Jon Burgerman’s new project.

Wanna go backstage at the YouTube Awards?

If you want to hang out with Spike Jonze and Greta Gerwig that is. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Thomas Prior’s photos will have to do for now.

Everyone loves a one-take film

And this one is filled with iconic cultural icons, very well done Us Studio.

Quilts + art = cosy eye candy

Plus a really, really interesting interview with artist and quilt-maker, Carrie Strine.

Three cheers for Channel 4’s hip-hip hooray for gay people in Russia!

Ahead of Sochi, these guys are making a risky but beautiful move.

The It’s Nice That Friday Mixtape


This is probably the first time we’ve had an actual pop star on It’s Nice That, how exciting! Her name’s Indiana and she’s from Nottingham, she had a show in trendy new bar Oslo in Hackney last night and she’s set to conquer the world with her lovely, 80s-inspired, synthy….music. We’re art and design journalists, okay? Anyway, anyone that picks Wicked Game by Chris Isaak is a friend of ours, so without further ado, here she is with a Friday mixtape to brighten up your afternoon. Turn it up!



This week’s Things

Squash together some prints of illustrations for beer bottles, some pictures of greenery, photographs of Las Vegas in map form, a book of cool projects from outside of the nine to five, a Spanish magazine all about things that will make you happy and a bright yellow background and whaddya get? Things! You get Things!

This week has been especially colourful so be careful not to be blinded by the rainbow hues or you might miss the life-size plastic dolls that one man surrounds himself with. Weird.


Kasia Dolato: I’m So Green


Kasia Dolato: I’m So Green


Kasia Dolato: I’m So Green


Kasia Dolato: I’m So Green

Kasia Dolato: I’m So Green

Kasia Dolato’s new book I’m So Green puns on the idea of naivete and uses it instead to produce some excellent photographs of London’s luscious greenery. Palm trees, roses, ivy and bushes are all in there. It’s simple but funny, and the resulting images will have you longing for spring. Fo’ real.


Perdiz Magazine: Issue #3


Perdiz Magazine: Issue #3


Perdiz Magazine: Issue #3


Perdiz Magazine: Issue #3

Perdiz Magazine: Issue #3

I had the pleasure of meeting Querida studio in Barcelona at the weekend, the clever chaps who have designed all three issues of Perdiz magazine so far, and having them talk me through the third issue has increased my admiration for it tenfold. The whole publication based on the idea that “Happiness is Contagious”, and subjects covered within it include a man who lives with four plastic life-size dolls, an organisation that takes llamas into old people’s homes,


Alec Doherty: Posters for Partizan Brewery


Alec Doherty: Posters for Partizan Brewery


Alec Doherty: Posters for Partizan Brewery


Alec Doherty: Posters for Partizan Brewery

Alec Doherty: Posters for Partizan Brewery

We posted about the brilliant illustration Alec Doherty did for Partizan Brewery last week, and look! Here it is! Beautifully printed and all the more impressive when it’s not confined to bottle-label-size, this is excellent work. Thanks Alec!


This Is Not a Map: Las Vegas


This Is Not a Map: Las Vegas


This Is Not a Map: Las Vegas


This Is Not a Map: Las Vegas

This Is Not a Map: Las Vegas

“This is not a map but a photographic journey,” explains the Las Vegas edition of This Is Not a Map, but in actual fact it seems to be a combination of the two. It’s a nostalgic tribute to the tactility of maps as much as it is an innovative way to present a photographic publication, emphasising the notion of the journey that underpins a series. Neat!


5-9: A Collection of Creativity From Outside the 9-5


5-9: A Collection of Creativity From Outside the 9-5


5-9: A Collection of Creativity From Outside the 9-5


5-9: A Collection of Creativity From Outside the 9-5

5-9: A Collection of Creativity From Outside the 9-5

Everybody knows that in the creative industry only 50% of most people’s creative output actually happens at work; between side projects, pub projects and nighttime projects there’s always a load of other stuff going on that the man doesn’t know anything about. Which explains why the West of England Design Forum chose to create 5-9, a book “showcasing the self-initiated creative work done by members of the design community in the West of England… Work done in their spare time without a brief, a client or a fee.” The resulting collection includes photography, design, home-brewing and animation, and makes for a very impressive read.

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Tweet of the Week

Photoshop lad of the week

And he’s funnier than ever. Here he is on a nighttime joyride with Bey and Jay.


TV blunder of the week

Welcome everyone to the year of the whores!


Buzzfeed list of the week

“Which arbitrary thing are you?” is the perfect antidote to the quizzes that are taking over our rapidly diminishing Facebook feeds.

Serious but cool thing of the week

Magnum photographers doing what they do best, giving sage advice.

Accidental art of the week

Because it’s that easy.

House that has a pub in the garden of the week

Pretty self explanatory, someone’s dad has a LOT of time on his hands.