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The Weekender

Don’t look now, but in a minute peer across at the grumpiest person in your office. Careful, don’t let him/her see you. Look at their little face, all miserable and that despite it being Friday. Now capture this moment in your memory, and let’s repeat together – “We will never be that person.” Et voila, The Weekender.

Pick of the blog

This week we had pangs of envy over the bike that plays records while you cycle. Talking of envy, we want muscles like the lady in this stunning, nay award-winning video. And talking of awards, well someone should give Michael Landy a medal for freeing us from the tyranny of the credit card.

Best of the rest

Quite a few things made us happy this week – we were putty in Eye Magazine’s hands for this review of The Independent’s redesign, and we were all over Dazed’s interview with Cory Arcangel and this jaw-droppingly wonderful Nowness video of Gerhard Richter painting had us purring.

Tweet of the week

“It is Wednesday. I am wearing socks that say ‘Wednesday’ on them. Back the f**k up, World. This s**t just got real.
@creature_dan makes quite the statement. Heed him.

Icky "Oh my goodness we had an Ikea bed!” moment of the week

Apparently one in ten Europeans were coneived in an Ikea bed. Read this and other good Ikea facts here (based on an article from The New Yorker).

Fascinating childhood of the week

Look at this: from a very young age, Charlotte Bronte used to write and publish her own books. She would BLATANTLY have her own fashion blog called something like Bronte-saw-us (I thank you) if she was around today.

Magnificent soup-based product launch of the week

Personalised get well soup. Kudos Heinz. Kudos indeed.

Hairy-faced celebration of the week

There’s quite a few of us here in the It’s Nice That fun fortress who like to sport a little bit of chin decoration, and now we can explain why with evidence (sort of).

“Maybe my boss isn’t that bad” realisation of the week

You know, compared to some of Hollywood’s most bonkers directors

Break free, repeat the mantra. Shabba!