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The Weekender

So this is Friday, And what have you done, Another week over, And a new one just begun….And so this is Friday, I hope you have fun, The near and the dear one, The old and the young! Thanks John – still loving your work. Three cheers for The Weekender!

Best of the blog

This week we went all gooey over Eric Chase Anderson’s lovely illustrations for the brilliant films of his brother Wes, we went all nostalgic over Brad Elterman’s amazing photos of the swinging 1960s, 1970s, 1980s etc and we went all “nuff respect” for the decision by Miss Moss to redo Kenzo’s look book in some style.

Best of the rest

Spoiled for choice again but stand-out contributions to the week’s cultural conversation came via The Telegraph, with their misty-eyed look at Sir Christopher Wren’s best work, Creative Review’s insightful piece on the new iPad apps for Port and The Guardian and Dezeen’s fascinating introduction to Norman Foster’s tourist spaceport.

Tweet of the week

“Is Twitter like computer cocaine? Yeah I’ve just done this great thing, yeah and here’s something else about me. Yeah.”
Probably not an ad slogan Twitter will use, but made us laugh @ianstevenson

Reason why you shouldn’t marry a show-off of the week

At any wedding, there’s always that awkward moment when they ask if anyone knows any reason etc etc. Well, if you’re Improv Everywhere founder Charlie Todd, you’re going to ramp that awkwardness up to 11…

Heartbreakingly-honest gadget of the week

Much-hyped new iPhone voice-recognition system Siri is no one-dimensional tool, she (I think it would be a she for some reason) has thoughts and feelings. Some of the best are compiled on this brilliant blog but this is my favourite:

Person – You’re an idiot
Siri – I don’t even exist. How can you hate me?

Philosophical robot 1 – Mankind 0.

Good to get it off your chest of the week

But loads of noses look like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! I better make a Tumblr to show the world.

Kayak use of the week

Forget pottering about on a canal, go get up close and personal with some whales like this guy.

“That’s just a scratch” of the week.

This guy wasn’t going to let a little car trouble like this stop him…

Visual representation of the week

So you know how some gadgets have bested others in the great battle in the theatre of public affection? What would that look like in cartoon form?

Merry Friday everyone, and a Happy Weekend!