26 March 2011

Things is action-packed. Things is a super-hero. Things can most certainly see into the future. Things sees itself as an older brother figure to Bookshelf, and is proud of the way Bookshelf is handling itself. Things believes it has the potential to be even greater, perhaps with future “bumper” issues, or something…

Nine Portraits By Indian Street Photographers Tony Hayward

Tony Hayward is a sculptor, teacher and avid collector of Indian objects (we’ve included Tony’s collection of Indian rat traps in the latest issue of our magazine, but these things are only a very small part of a growing collection of utilitarian objects). The book featured here, Nine Portraits By Indian Street Photographers, is testament to the resourceful nature of Indian makers, who, in this case, produced makeshift cameras with bottle tops for lens covers. The book, as the title suggests, contains nine portraits of Tony Hayward himself, and is a little gem.

Hall of Femmes (Series) Hjärta Smärta, Oyster Press

First and foremost, these are wonderful, wonderful books. Looking increasingly to female role models in the design industry, the girls at Hjärta Smärta set about getting in touch with the many talented women making a creative difference – Ruth Ansel, Lillian Bassman, Carin Goldberg, etc. The books present in-depth interviews, as well as intimate retrospectives of the women’s lives and works.

Field Notes Letraset Pack Field Notes

According to the Field Notes site: “These new notebooks look like ordinary kraft-cover Field Notes, with the notable absence of our brand name. This “________ Edition” allows you to customize your Field Notes with any phrase of your choosing with the included authentic dry-transfer lettering!” Simple enough, and cool.

Untitled Magazine Nr.5 Hugo and Marie, Mike Perry Studio, Studio New Work

Untitled, published by Mike Perry Studio, is an “amorphous publication – each issue reinvents itself by discarding the size, format and theme of each previous issue.” #5, the current issue, deals with love and sex, and is curated by the great Hugo and Marie. Including work by Micah Lidberg, Sam Green and Jesse Auersalo, it’s both a successful reflection on contemporary illustration, and a great, beautifully designed reference piece.

Download Helvetica For Free Steve Roggenbuck

Download Helvetica For Free contains 100 excerpts from Steve Roggenbuck’s MSN Messenger history, set in large helvetica. “Most of the lines,” Roggenbuck says, “were originally written by me or my partner Jessica from 2006-08, around when we were finishing high school and beginning college.” The result is an affecting, (sometimes) personal comment on what it means to be (a) in a relationship, (b) of an age increasingly reliant on internet communication, and © generally alive today.

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