15 October 2011
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Here at It’s Nice That we love our postman. His name’s John and he’s a stone-cold legend. Five days a week, 52 weeks a year he pitches up to our studio door armed to the back teeth with post from across the globe. Sure he doesn’t have a little red van or a black and white cat named Jess but whatever, who cares? We love John because he brings us things. And who doesn’t love Things?

Eyeball Massage Pipilotti Rist

To accompany her current show at The Hayward Gallery, here’s a mammoth tome of Piplotti Rist’s work, taking an in-depth look at the past decade of her practice. Given the wildly colourful nature of Rist’s work Eye Massage does a remarkable job of presenting such vibrant moving image work in a 2D, static environment. All thanks to a revolutionary laminating technique apparently. Two words you never thought you’d see in the same sentence.

If Nothing Goes Right Turn Left Pomme & Sabina

We love a bit of collaboration and this wonderful little volume from Pomme Chan and Sabina Fasching is no exception. It features a whole host of animal-themed cautionary tales accompanied by meticulous illustrations of some peculiarly vocal beasts. My personal favourite tells the story of The Gourmet Rat, a dubious rodent who eats his friend, the duck, following an unfortunate kitchen accident. Proof, if any were needed, that rats are bastards.

A Print Handbook For Designers The Media Collective

The Media Collective have produced this helpful little book to aid novice designers in that most hazardous of tasks – transferring work from screen to print. With colour guides, fold suggestions and a godsend of a ruler that features all the unit sizes you can imagine, you’ll never confuse your points with your picas again.

Everything is Amazing & Nothing Happens Paul Paper

Paul Paper is an elusive, London-based photographer with a name that demands a moment’s appreciation…
Also well-named is his new book Everything is Amazing & Nothing Happens, a collection of images that examine inertia in a truly engaging way. Alongside these images, Paul includes a small mission statement that somehwat contradicts the cohesion of the book. It reads: “As much as I would like, I don’t have a style. My imagery is an inconsistent portrayal of my world.” Paul, I disagree. Your photographs look beautiful together.

Crap Hound #8: Superstition Sean Tejaratchi

Lovers of monochrome clipart rejoice, Craphound is back and as usual it packs a serious punch. This time it turns its meticulous eye on that old-wives’ favourite; superstition. Hoarding black cats, horseshoes and empty rocking chairs (rock them at your peril!) into its generous 98 pages, it’s easily the most paranoid edition so far. But beware, taken at face value it’ll have you rabbit-stalking and ladder-dodging for years to come. Seven unlucky years to come.

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