19 November 2011
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We’d wager there’s nobody out there that likes receiving post more than we do. When the doorbell rings in the morning there’s uproar around the studio as work-stations are swiftly abandoned and the mad rush for the front door begins. It’s savage, and people have lost teeth in the scuffle, but we wouldn’t have it any other way, because he who has things is truly blessed. Anyway, enough about us, here’s Things.

Curriculum Vitae Dan Woodger

Recent graduates take note, if you’re in the market for freelance work, full-time work or just some good-old unpaid collaborative fun then you’ll be needing to get the word out that you’re ready and able. Dan Woodger has put together a beautifully printed poster with his CV on the back that does the job very nicely, with just the right amount of professional information and a laborious piece of his handy-work emblazoned on the front. We’re betting the business will come rolling in.

Klaus Richard Short

Klaus is a Cat that looks like a Moomin and acts a lot like Garfield but has a much higher IQ and hangs around with a gang of humanoid rats. His philosophical musings provide the hilarious narrative to otherwise fairly uneventful stories. In this first edition, Richard Short collects together the best spreads from two previously self-published editions and throws in some new material for good measure. Razor-sharp, charming and incredibly well-paced, this is a must for anyone who grew up on a diet of Charles Schulz and the aforementioned stripy feline.

Fire of Each Other Robert Montgomery

It’s safe to say that Robert Montgomery isn’t advertising’s biggest fan – he’s based an entire career around hijacking billboard ads the world over and replacing them with thought-provoking poetic texts. Fire of Each Other catalogues Montgomery’s works from the past six years into a beautifully designed photographic journal.

Bronze Age Justin Bailey & Nick Lynch

Bronze Age is an image archive with a difference – tired of the ubiquity of online visual aggregates its creators, Justin Bailey and Nick Lynch, have curated the work of 18 artists and illustrators whose work they feel deserves to be reproduced in a luxurious printed format. With saturated colours and highly detailed illustration throughout from the likes of Katie Brookes and Joe Speier, we’re incredibly impressed with the results, particularly (without wishing to offend the contributors) the beautifully patterned front cover, which feels as good as it looks.

Used Magazine

Oversized magazines are a bit of a favourite here in the studio. We love getting our hands on a weighty publication and it’s always a pleasure to thumb through pages made of a thicker stock. Used magazine is no exception. Contained within its massive pages are some particularly engaging editorial pieces that focus on the fine line between fashion and art, plus a wealth of full-bleed fashion photography. The standout piece in this issue explores the stunningly intricate work of Nicola Samori, discussing the darkness of the painter’s work and his relationship with the Old Masters.

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