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14 April 2016

As usual the INT postbag has been heaving this month, offering a veritable treasure trove of terrific work. It wasn’t easy choosing our favourite bits and bobs for April’s Things round-up, but here they are: boys, sausages, scarfs and many a lovely book. Thanks to everyone who sent us in their work, you make opening post fun.

Random Studio x Koos Breen

This silky little number is a collaboration between Random Studio and Koos Breen, which lives online as a retina-searing website and animation, as well as in physical formats. The op-art pattern is beautiful, as modelled by our art director Ali in an innovative pose that simply screams “glam cornershop robbery.”

Raw Print: Metazine

Metazine is a tactile, thick publication from the people behind the Raw Print zine fairs and lecture series. Covering a range of issues across the independent publishing world, Metazine draws together photographs and imagery into a single blue-tinged volume that makes the most of a hefty paper stock and raw, industrial binding techniques.

Luke Evans: I Print With 500,000 Volts

We’re big fans of Luke Evans over here at INT Towers, and his latest project has seen the photographer create a large-scale publication that showcases his Xero series. With a gorgeously tactile leatherish cover, oversized pages give each image space to breathe. The book was designed by the good people over at Commission and is published through their imprint The Rolling Thunder of Change.

Duran Levinson, Gideon de Kock and Dustin Holmes: Boy Club and Backchat Boys

Wahey! Zines about boys! This is the first volume of Backchat Boys, a new photozine from Duran Levinson, Gideon de Kock and Dustin Holmes. The trio describes themselves as “three South Africans exploring the surface and depths of (predominantly) Hong Kong street culture. Poorly attempting to capture human nature, love and depravity.”

While Backchat Boys isn’t really about boys at all, Boy Club certainly is, and what an enjoyable romp its pages provide. Issue one is the “fresh” issue, and the mag includes features on gay chefs, “cactuses that look like cocks” and “real men eating quiche,” as well as ace illustrations by Ren of some very snuggly looking bears.

Sarah Haug: There is no Coming Back

Lovely lady and illustrator extraordinaire Sarah Haug popped by the studio last week and brought with her this surreal and brilliant series of illustrated postcards. Created using three colour Risograph printing, Sarah tells the story of a “thrill seeking rabbits” who go on a road trip. “For these rabbits, a holiday needs to be an adrenaline-drenched adventure,” says Sarah. “But often, they ultimately choose to chill out and enjoy the poetic scenery. They get to know the locals and try out new landscapes…There is no going back.”

Drawn & Quarterly/Julie Doucet: Carpet Sweeper Tales

This really is a hilarious little collection of collaged scenes, by artist Julie Doucet. Taking the imagery from 1970s Italian fumetti (photonovels) she captions them with jarring and often hilarious quotes, creating entirely new narratives that in a roundabout way deal with societal and feminist issues.

Ninja Tune goodies

Those hip cats over at Ninja Tune have sent us some lovely goodies this month, covering monochrome in two snazzy felt record player covers and colour with the Record Store Day release of Henri Tixier’s Les là-bas Bonobo remix. The record sleeve was designed by Leif Podhajsky and uses bold, cut-out-like designs with an embossing that mimics the grooves of a record.

Lisa Hanawalt: Hot Dog Taste Test

This cheeky book isn’t really much about sausage at all, instead Lisa has illustrated a strange and at times rather rude guide to pretty much anything, including how girls can best pee using the “hover” method and a toucan shopping for bikini bottoms.

Playtype products

Some lovely stuff here from Danish type foundry Playtype. London’s Aram gallery and store is currently hosting a pop-up selling their mugs, posters and stationery, which will pop down again after 6 May.

Dario Pianesi & Tania Cimatti: Graving Docks

Last but certainly not least, designers Dario Pianesi and Tania Cimatti have created a charming little concertina-style printed zine that explores Glasgow’s dry docks of Govan. The piece responds to the words of poet Alexander Smith’s city Poems from 1857, “creating a publication which visually retells the activities, the noises and the colours of the life of a shipbuilder,” according to its creators.

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