Things glorious things! The best of the postman's offerings we received this September

29 September 2016
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This month the postman’s trip to 21 Downham Road was accompanied by a heavy satchel. Over September there was a running theme of publications making their way through out letterbox. From Risoprinted zines and colouring books, to nostalgic hardback anthologies and mammoth photographic journals, limited edition records and prints, there was plenty for the It’s Nice That team to flick through and marvel over. September’s Things is a celebration of printed matter we were more than lucky to receive.

Dean Chalkley: One

When this large publication arrived at It’s Nice That we knew we were in for a treat just by the sheer size of it. One by Dean Chalkley is a collection, designed by Studio Makgill, of the photographer’s work depicting a range of drivers and their motor companions. Progressively curated and accompanied by a written piece by Aimee Kimble, One displays the art directorial string to Dean’s photographic bow. Often recognised for his portraits of musicians including everyone from Daft Punk to Noel Gallagher, these large prints display the photographer’s eye for composition and still life detail.

Matt Sewell’s A Crushing Glow: Gayatari Mantra

It is always interesting to discover what your favourite illustrators and designers listen to in the studio, helping to gather an understanding of the mood that inspires the work. For Matt Sewell the best selling author of Our Garden Birds, music is a highly important and motivating part of his process. So much so that Matt has joined forces with Caroline True Records to release compilations and re-issues of records breathtakingly ornate in his illustrative style. This release, Gayatari Mantra is an interpretation of the famed piece of music by Bollywood star, Anuradha Paudwal. Pressed as a gold vinyl it had us crowded round scoping out the otherworldly creatures and plants, a balance of intricacy and bold colours.

Alec Doherty: Dora, Derek, Steve & Mary

Alec Doherty’s illustrations, screen prints, designs, or 3D models are consistently an absolute treat. We were overjoyed to receive a selection of prints from his new series Dora, Derek, Steve & Mary depicting the regulars of the Rolling Mills Social Club in Darlington. “They love a drink and are looking for love” Alex explains. With their pin stripped trousers and poised statures we’d love to have a pint with them too.

Itinéraires d’une cuisine contemporaine

The charm of this publication is its thoughtfulness in producing articles bilingually. Translated in both english and french, Itinéraires d’une cuisine contemporaine is a publication portraying culinary leaders and their processes from across the globe. Their aim as their introduction explains is “to create an object that was aesthetic, collaborative and compassionate. But above all, humble.” The publication is packed with outstandingly focused photography documenting a chef’s journey from sourcing produce to the kitchen and importantly to a delicious plate. Designed by French graphic design duo Helmo, the magazine is full of content that is contemplatively designed allowing it to be easy to digest, just like it’s subject matter.


This first issue of new publication Moodboard, is an anthology of expansive and constructive influences. The concept is simple but intelligently designed by Studio Opposite, it appears like a printed version of a desktop screen full of snippets and screenshots of inspirational content. Inspired by London stylist Jeanie Annan-Lewin’s own moodboards which led to a highly influential tumblr and Instagram archives, “Moodboard aims to be a culture journal for the millennial age”. Appropriating the meaning of the online moodboard and transferring it into printed matter allows a reader to take time understanding the process behind the works, rather than just scrolling onto the next piece.

Eszter Chen: Help Me Turn Over

LA based illustrator Eszter Chen sent us a refreshing take on the appropriated colouring book that has risen in popularity over the past few years. Help Me Turn Over is Eszter’s sophisticated take on the drawing game consequences we all remember playing on long family car journeys. In a limited run of 100 copies the book is detailed with instructions to cut, colour or collage each page to however you see fit. Once completed, you simply cut a long the dotted line to rebuild and remix Eszter’s characters in to whole new personalities. We loved this concept, the illustrator has set guidelines in her own style, but left her audience to interpret her work however they like, no two versions will ever look the same.

James Addison: Have You Got Four Candles?

Have You Got Four Candles? is a nostalgic journey in retail through one of Britain’s oldest hardware stores W.E Boone & Co based in Poole. “A building with buckets of character, charm and staff as colourful as the products they sell” this book written, designed and art directed by James Addison is a heartwarming trip reminiscent of weekend trips to hardware shops with your parents. With considerate photography by Rose Duffy, it’s a reminder of the personality of independent shops.

Charlie Sims, Sam Smith & Josh Williams: Season Annual

Inspired by a love of football and design Kingston graduates sent us Season Annual a comprehensively designed book celebrating the Premier league. Visualising the game through illustration, journalism and infographics the annual deciphers each week of the footy season. It includes a full write up of each match day illustrating the biggest moment, the best goal and they have even curated the best team of that week by designing relevant statistics. Whether or not you’re a fan of the game, Season Annual is a representation of how design projects often work best when they are based on a subject of interest and compassion.

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