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Paintballs and water bombs – Thomas Brown directs three films for Sony and O2

If someone asked me to create an advert that shows off the fact that a new phone is water-proof, I’d film myself throwing it in the sea/a canal and take a long, well-deserved lunch. That’s why nobody asks me these kind of things. But when Sony Xperia and O2 wanted to show off their new product, they went to some people who knew exactly what they were doing, and created three ace, fun and great-looking promo films. They are directed by Thomas Brown – of whose still-life work we are long time fans – with art directors Jason and Joris at VCCP and director of photography Mattias Nyberg (who previously worked on the brilliantly phallic PETA spot and this beautiful gymnast film).

There’s also an accompanying stills campaign, and all things considered it may be some time before my phone rings.


Thomas Brown/VCCP/Mattias Nyberg: Sony Xperia Z