Work / Illustration

Thomas Colligan’s coloured pencil illustrations merge naive style and oddball compositions

When we first featured Thomas Colligan on It’s Nice That, we described him as “a veritable illustration engine.” Since then, he doesn’t seem to have slowed down, creating some wonderful new work in his bright, surreal style. Often working in coloured pencils, the naive aesthetic of his materials belies the strange events his scenes depict: disembodied faces vomit a rainbow in one image, cats and dogs take over a supermarket in another. There’s also a lovely nod to the classics though, where Thomas takes on Manet’s Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe in flat block colours.


Thomas Colligan: Over on the Way


Thomas Colligan: Picnic sur l’herbre


Thomas Colligan: Pom Pom Pom


Thomas Colligan: Quelle Course


Thomas Colligan: Late Spring