Thomas Matthews: Cries and Whispers (detail)

Work / Illustration

Thomas Matthews’ hand-drawn graphite posters for Ingmar Bergman films

Ingmar Bergman produced some of the most powerful images in cinematic history – haunting, beautiful and stark. Illustrator Thomas Matthews has taken four Bergman titles from the fifties and sixties – Cries and Whispers, The Seventh Seal, Persona and Through A Glass Darkly – and created his own striking, A3 posters for them in graphite.

Films, especially in the past, could live or die on their posters. It’s interesting to see how different countries choose to visually sell the same movie and how that changes over time. Thomas has kept the text in the original Swedish and adapted some recognisable elements from the films and their past posters. These dark, sensitive drawings reflect their subject well.


Thomas Matthews: Cries and Whispers


Thomas Matthews: The Seventh Seal


Thomas Matthews: Persona


Thomas Matthews: Through a Glass Darkly